Body Shapers for Women and Men – What are they all about?

It used to be that body shapers (or shapewear) were only worn by women and they were not very comfortable let alone sexy in any way.  These days though, such garments have been redesigned and are not only more comfortable and more effective but are also made for both men and women.

You may be wondering what a person might need a body shaper for and the answer is that both men and women have problem areas on their bodies that they want to improve.    We sometimes have just as much trouble finding a way to get rid of fat in those areas as well which is why even though you wouldn’t think men wear girdles many men do. And many women wear girdles too, especially now that they come in so many different styles and are much sexier and less painful than women from the past were used to.

Body shapers, back in the day, were ill made with materials not particularly made to form to the body.  Not only were the old shapewear hard to move in but often hard to disguise as well and no women or man should have to divulge their secret to looking great.  But body shapers today are okay and there are three reasons in particular why you should not be afraid to try a body shaper these days.  Whether you are a man or a woman who wants to look great there is a way.

  1. Better Materials – One reason you should not be afraid to try body shaping garments that are made these days is because the materials of which there made are much better than that used in previous days. Improved and innovatively designed latex paired with the always comfortable cotton is what body shapers and other reshaping garment are made of today. And not only does that make them more comfortable but also makes them less noticeable so that you can wear them under anything.
  1. Sexier Design – If improved comfortability is not enough to get you to change your mind about body shaping undergarments then how about the fact that they are much sexier than they used to be. The way that such garments used to be made you would hardly want to be confronted with an intimate moment while wearing one under your clothes to make you appear thinner and give you shape. Newer style garments are as sexy as your regular underwear though so if that moment comes you don’t even have to be afraid.
  1. Physical Support – Aside from the obvious benefit of looking great body girdles and other shapewear can give you support physically as well which will not only improve your physical condition but add to your goal of looking great. Why have a shaping garment after all if you have other issues such as bad posture that make you look like the weight of the world is your weight? Some body garments these days can support your spine, improve your posture, and even actually help you to lose some of the fat that you so much hate.

As you can see shaping garments are not what they used to be and there is no real reason not to try one. That is unless you don’t want the body that you have always dreamed of finally.

Body Shaper FAQ’s

Please take a look at our mens body shaper faq below for some of the most common questions asked about shapewear and body shapers.  Don’t forget that if you have any comments to make you can leave them or email us through our contact page.

What is the best body shaper?

Okay so this is a difficult one! You need to choose the right body shaper for you and that means taking a look at our reviews and making your own mind up! There are body shapers for different shapes and sizes and plenty of choice. Take a look at the top of this page for the Womens Body Shaper Reviews link.

Does Shapewear & Body Shapers Work?

So lets be straight here - body shapers work for some and not all. If you are wanting to lose weight then you need to look at diets and exercises that can help with that. Body shapers help you to give the impression that you have a better physique, less weight and more. So yes, they work if that is what you are looking for but just as long as you get the right one!

Are body shapers bad for you?

Like anything else you need to be cautious and get the right size and fit. Body shapers, when worn properly, should not cause you damage but if you get an extremely tight one then yep, that's gonna cause problems! Choose the right size and material for you and you should be fine.

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