Strapless Body Shapers – Shaperwear for 2020

Strapless Body Shapers

Strapless Body Shapers – Our Thoughts

Perfection – that is practically everyone’s aspired quality of life. From the perfect face, the perfect hair, perfect teeth, and even the perfect body. When you look at magazines, watch TV, or scroll through social media, you often notice that various female celebrities showcase a body well accentuated that it even puts the squiggly lines that kids draw on their parents’ grocery receipts to shame.

You could say it’s their genetics, they probably got something done or even Photoshopped their photos. But if you were to ask someone who’s worked in an industry full of smoke and mirrors, they’d probably say that it only takes a little less than that to pull, what they’ve got, off.

Body shapers, to achieve the look without any dead giveaways, strapless body shapers are likely to do the trick.


It’s not that hard to convince someone well aware of the pop-culture environment that an A-lister would wear something so ordinary such as a body shaper to achieve their desired look. Photo modification is truly prevalent in the industry but it’s not the main source of perfectly sculpting someone’s look. Guaranteed, there is not one woman on earth who hasn’t worn a strapless body shaper at least once in her life.

A lot of people would say that it’s a good way of boosting one’s confidence and I can see the appeal; some smoothen the stomach, others make you look taller, and it even highlights the parts of yourself that you want noticed.

And yes, this goes to show that illusion is definitely a skill that you gain from learning about styling and fashion but it’s just underwear, George. It’s not like she’s a siren, on the prowl, waiting for her next meal. Some days you wear it and on some days you don’t.


Strapless shapewear, they have become quite the modern corset, with the purpose of body shapers changing drastically through each and every era.

In today’s age, it no longer consists of that big pile of possible back and blood circulation problems that they were known to contribute to, due to ill-fitting body shapers being worn constantly or the harsh stiffness of its boning – a defined silhouette is not worth all those whale bones, Hun.

The modern, sleek design emerged somewhere around the 20th century but the fashion industry amped up the ante when they decided to innovate for a more convenient form of shapewear; one that is easy to slip on, is undetectable, and a hell of a lot more comfortable.

Speaking of comfortability, thank God for the advancement of fashion and ethical production, otherwise, we would still be stabbing ourselves with some kind of boning – from a mammal or not, some might not find it comfortable to wear and some just don’t want to put in the extra effort of looking put-together only for a single day.

The material used for today’s body shapers now lies somewhere around fabrics like lycra, spandex, Powernet, nylon, cotton and so much more. The comfortability heavily relies on the fabric and how it’s going to shape your body yet, at the same time, giving you the ability to breathe.

Many would go for the conventionally strapped kind of shapewear but the straps can get quite bothersome and might imprint or dig on your skin especially if you’re going to be wearing it during long hours of the day.

They’re also smooth and discreet. Unlike back then, it wasn’t always easy to conceal body shapers. You would always have to layer on and on until you, yourself, can’t even point out that you’re wearing some kind of body shaper. But today, now with the versatile set of stretchy yet fitting fabrics, it’s incredibly easy to slip on and you don’t need to wear an abundant number of layers to conceal the undergarment.

You can even wear it with something as essential as some plain old t-shirt and jeans, and no one would ever notice nor would it feel like you’re wearing three kinds of rice sacks underneath.

A strapless kind would prove to be slightly more beneficial since you can just slip it on and you’re good to go. If your style-savvy enough, these could be also worn out in public; with the right clothing pieces, you can make these look like another regular bodysuit.


Don’t snub on these pieces just yet. They actually provide a lot of good benefits, depending on the kind of person you are and if you see these as benefits . . .

Firstly, similarly to the olden times, body shapers, although commonly worn to make you look “appealing”, they also served another purpose – fixing bad posture. Slouching, alone, already carries a handful of negative effects to your body and to your psychological well-being.

  • Certain kinds of shapewear might help you fix that, gracing you with its amazing structural support.
  • And along with its bust line support function (which we will be tackled on later), which helps in keeping your bra in place, it makes for excellent support especially for women who’ve got a lot more bust.
  • Other brands and companies have also made body shapers that are specifically targeted for back support for those with minor scoliosis or those with back problems once every so often which encourages the alleviation of those said back pains.
  • Body shapers are equipped with flexible support across the back which provides you with the perfect postural support and they also come in different band configurations that can offer support to different areas of the back and spine.
  • Improvement is achieved through the shapewear’s compressing material which places pressure on your muscles that, only slightly, compresses it without losing your figure and allowing for ideal joint support which leads to an appropriate alignment and helps your muscles contract better and become more efficient.
  • Secondly, everyone always kick-starts some kind of weight-loss journey every so often, most usually around the New Year’s, and we see the same thing happen every year – you start, you become demotivated, and you stop and then wait for the next opportunity to get motivated.
  • Body Shapers are actually a great way to assist you if you’re desiring for a quicker and more convenient way of losing a few pounds. Actually, it’s one of the very well-known ways. People wear body shapers underneath while working out because it heats up your core causing you to sweat a lot more.
  • It’s also body hugging so while it heats you up and boosts up your perspiration, it applies pressure onto your body that compresses it – it may sound like some torture commodity but, trust me, it’s not as hardcore as it sounds.
  • The compression which occurs would result in making you look slimmer and, as I’ve mentioned, it encourages perspiration, which makes body shapers a great compliment to a good diet and exercise.


It should be an obvious statement but I’ve seen people purchase corsets with weight-loss intentions without being informed that there are different kinds of corsets with different kinds of functions.

The ones you would usually see on Lingerie ads are made to be a pre-game for waist-training, typically with a similar structure to the standard, boned, Victorian corset which isn’t very ideal for workouts or excessive movement for everyone.

If you’re experienced or well-informed in this area then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you besides the sudden decline of your health but if you’re a so-called waist-training virgin and is just newly invested in it, then it’s recommended that you put your internal organs first and try out different body shapers before using any of what the senior waist-trainers use.

In summary, before impulsively purchasing any strapless body shaper with rigorous activities in mind, consider the fit, the material, the kind of shapewear you want, and the quality of the brand.

Third, it offers good bust line support and even enhances the bust. Bras can get quite annoying, more so when they sink low during the day and offer your zero breast support – strapless Body Shapers are seen to be very advantageous when it comes to this dilemma.

Bodysuits are a good bust support alternative to the bust-up shapewear. For women with large breasts, it can also reduce unneeded pressure on the spine, thus, reducing back pains.

There are other body shapers that are equipped with its own bust support; it can lift and support while at the same time, maintaining its firmness.

The latter being an added bonus, not that it’s a necessity unless it’s what you desire. Depending on the brand and company, all that comes even without any padding.

They can boost your confidence!

An increase in confidence can also lead to an increase in motivation which can be a tremendous aid towards your mental health, which we must take good care of. From corrected posture to upper body support, increased self-esteem is attained through a combination of different shapewear benefits.

If you desire a specific outcome then you also have to consider the shapewear itself.

Either you want something emphasized or you want certain parts to be concealed, all these expectations and desires all boils down to the kind of body shaper you purchase and how it’s going to fit you.

Is it comfortable? Is it appropriate for the kind of setting you’re wearing it for? Will you survive throughout the long hours of the day with the thing on? Think about it before you end up blaming the company for unnecessary pinches.

It would be better to wear these undergarments during special occasions rather than for day-to-day use; the recommended allowance would be for a few hours a day.

Strapless shapewear, such as briefers or slimmers, are ideal for ‘every-other-day’ use since they’re made with lighter and stretchier material in comparison to the sturdy and firm material used in corsets.

And lastly (but obviously not the least), strapless shapewear can actually alleviate period cramps. Remember what was said about heating up your core? The shapewear helps to keep your uterus warm, thus, eases and lessens cramping.

Don’t make this your go-to solution for pacifying your period cramps, though. As spoken in most medicine ads by some generic voice, if cramping persists (and even worsens) please consult a doctor.

Once again, listen to your body. If it gets too uncomfortable somewhere around the day don’t be hesitant to take them off.

It’s normal for these to be noticeably uncomfortable even if you’re wearing a good fit of shapewear, it’s just your body’s way of telling you how they want to jump out now and call it a day.

Being uninformed of the effects of extended periods of usage, against all discomfort, might bring a lot more injury than any benefits.

Shapewear made with delicate and lightweight fabrics, such as a mix of lycra and cotton, are better suited for individuals that are on the move.

If you’re out the whole day brisk walking about or working, these are much comfortable to sit in and won’t stifle you at any point of the day. Kind of feels like leggings (they’re made with the same material, after all).


When I mention strapless body shapers, I get you you’re thinking of an actual corset attached with some kind of spandex shorts but nuh-uh. As I’ve said before, with different body types and different intentions of wearing shapewear, there are different designs that cater to different needs.

The most popular being the “Corset”. Modern corsets aren’t as uncomfortable as they once were; these days, the standard of manufacturing the product has simmered down. This means, although still totally firm and rigid, the materials used aren’t as hard-lined and statuesque as they used to be.

 If you wanted to have the luxury of wearing such an undergarment without putting yourself through self-suffocation, it was better to have one tailored to fit your body or be made by some big-name tailor, otherwise, it would just be another adventure of back pains, poor blood circulation, and maybe even breathing problems (working-class women could wear them loosely but for the rest? The defined the waist, the better.).

Corset or girdles aren’t often ideally worn for everyday wear unless of course, that was what you wish to do. Whenever corsets are worn for everyday use, they usually are for the purpose of waist-training or cinching.

Although, it’s easier and comfier option if you’re looking for a good way to gradually trim down your waist size; as it compresses the body without, at all, hurting the wearer as long as you follow proper advice to avoid casualties. Another great asset to postpartum care or when you just feel like it.

Another popular design would be briefers. They’re almost like shorts but made with fitting material with a high-waisted cut. Think of it as leggings but with no fabric past the knees.

It can be hard to control the structure of your abdominal area but a briefer can save you the time and effort, maybe even money, by smoothening out the structure and accentuating your curves. This would be perfect with a casual look, nothing too heavy nor glamorous, just another casual trip to the mall, a date, outing with friends and other events of the like.

In choosing a briefer, you’ve got to keep a lookout for the kind of material and the quality in which it’s being produced. Some briefers can bunch up and gather when one would sit or slouch which could actually cause irritation to the abdominal area.

Some might show through clothing and even irritate the skin if you’re doing any exhausting activities.

If you’d rather not face that kind of issue or don’t like the idea trying out 15 different pairs of spandex or nylon briefers, a good brand to suggest would HookedUp Shapewear.

Most of their strapless designs are provided with hooks at the top that you can attach to your bra strap which has solved the problem of bunching up and you can wear it almost like a regular body shaper.

It’s best to keep in mind about the potential complications and don’t be afraid of spending a little more if it means better quality, treat yourself. Although, it would be preferable if you can find one with amazing quality at an even more affordable price.

Slimmers. They are, in essence, a longer version of the briefers. They’ve got similar functionality but are longer and offer more support than its much medium-sized counterpart.

Fun-fact, shapewear can gradually lose its structured flexibility after every other wash, some companies (like Flexees) use a more sustained fabric during production which allows the slimmer to maintain its shape and continue living its life granting you lifelong confidence when you need it.

You can totally wear this item to the gym or out in public, with how some brands design them, they don’t look like undergarments at all, more so like knee-length leggings.

You can pair these with a cute crop top or a sports bra and a wind-breaker. Briefers are legitimately your go-to to when you’re looking for something moveable that can be used both as an undergarment or gym wear.

With these, piling and bunching won’t be a constant issue. It holds up well over the years and if you look out for quality over quantity, then these babies will last you a good Shapewear Lifetime which one would say is about a good 5 years or so.

Finally, bodysuits. Strapless bodysuits are most commonly made with thin, cling-free, and flexible material. They’re the perfect body shaper when you’re in search of a sculpted silhouette and easy bust support.

Some brands such as Spanx offer a strapless bodysuit which are equipped with adjustable hooks in case you wanted to have it strapped.

This kind of strapless body shaper works well with a thin-type fabric of clothing during the summer, it’s just nice to have some form of security, like an extra layer underneath.

These are great for when you’re out with your friends or family, wearing a short flowy summer dress or maybe even some shorts.

But if you go with either the briefers or slimmers option for your dress, the pant legs might show while you’re doing a twirl for a picture or when the wind gently brazes your skirt and this might make you look like you’re a dainty tourist in Europe at 8 but have to enter the Tour de France at 9 which I, personally, don’t mind, you do you, whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

In conclusion, strapless body shapers are very much convenient these days, notably, if you’re on the run and don’t have the time to strap on 64 different hooks and 2 straps and then take them out because you realized that you would be out the whole day the straps might dig into your skin, I mean, strapping on a seatbelt when a cop is about to pass you is a lot easier.

But I digress, almost like make-up, they are staple must-haves on certain days where you don’t feel your best and need a quick fix.

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