Control Briefs – more than just Bridget Jones!

We touched upon control briefs in my main shapewear and body shapers article  but let me start by saying that control briefs are no longer associated with just Bridget Jones (if you don’t know who that is then you’ve made me feel really old….thanks!).  Control briefs are well and truly and major player in the shapewear and body shaper industry and a firm favourite in my wardrobe!  Did you check out my ‘What shape are you – guide to choosing the right shapewear‘?  If so, you may have already decided that control briefs are the way!  Hurray!

There are lot’s of high-end shops selling control briefs and more and more of the younger market are taking advantage of what they can do for the body……especially during the holiday seasons when a few extra pounds may have been gained!  Choosing the right one for you is not such a mystery but it is about trial and error I’m afraid as, like all underwear, the chances of returning a product just because it doesn’t fit or work for you are slim due to hygiene reasons.  The good news is they don’t cost an arm and a leg to buy in most shops and especially if you get a sneaky bargain!

Control Pants Shapewear

There are some you need to watch out for and that’s not to say don’t buy them but just to be aware of them if they don’t suit you and your needs.  For instance, if you get control briefs with a high waist then there is a chance of that large waist band rolling over and looking a little bit scruffy or even adding to the waist area!  There are some with bones (or plastic these days of course) that can give extra support but can dig into your side and waist if not worn right.

There are some that say it’s really uncomfortable to wear particular support and control briefs at particular occasions.  For instance if you’re going to be sat a banquet, stuffing your face and belly, then maybe consider wearing something a little more forgiving!

Trinny and Susannah  are one of the more popular brands today and generally available in large department stores (and probably some smaller ones on the high street too).  I’ll be reviewing some of the more popular soon so watch out for that blog post!

Don’t forget, control briefs can look sexy too!  Just check out this one HERE

In essence, if you want to wear something that is going to hold in that mid waist, bum and front area then give control briefs a try.

Tell me if they worked for you and if not why not?  I love to hear back from you all so get you comments in below!

Shapwear Toni

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