Are Corsets Sexy – What do you think?

So this is something we at The Fashion Emporium are asked all the time and we always come up with the same answer – YES corsets are sexy!  People wear corsets for many different reasons but none so more than the way in which it makes them feel – powerful and sexy.  There is a very good reasons why corsets have been around for many, many years and that’s because they have a purpose.

Yes okay, we know that people wear them as fashion statements and for many other reasons such as for body shaping, but one of the most popular reasons is to feel just that little but more sexier than you would when wearing the ‘normal’ type of underwear or overwear.

Take Mrs A for instance.  On talking to her recently, she explained to us that she had never considered wearing a corset as a sexy thing to do as she wore it mainly for others purpose (we presume tummy tucking!) BUT she wore it once for a little bit of kinky fun and wow was she impressed.  She said it helped to bring the bedroom alive and made her feel all empowered – and that’s something we can certainly relate to!

Mrs A, of course, is not alone.  Many celebrities have started to really come out as being proud corset wearers – we are sure you know many of them so don’t need to list them here – and we know that these are not just for fashion reasons neither!

So what are you waiting for?  Go and gte your corset and see how it makes you feel – don’t forget to wear it right though and get some proper advise if you have never worn one before!

So here are our:

TOP 5 Reasons Why We Think Corsets Are Very Sexy Indeed

  1. There are so many different corsets to wear that are just downright sexy – so you have lots to choose from!
  2. They can feel very empowering – getting you and your other half into ‘the’ mood with very little effort (just remember to breath!).A
  3. You can wear different ones to suit your mood – feeling a little dom?  Then reach for that leather corset!
  4. Corsets are much more comfortable than they were some years ago, allowing you to make some ‘shapes’ if your catch our drift!
  5. Corsets are, we believe, a little bit more than just your everyday wear – allowing you to free that secret side!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this little post and we hope that you enjoy wearing that sexy corset!  Remember, wear them properly and they will give you years of joy and wear them safe too please!  If you want to comment on this post and add you little bit to the information here, such as your beliefs on the sexy nature of corsets, then please do!  We love to hear from you!

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