2020 Fashion Season – Do Waist Trainers Work?

or are they a ‘waist’ of time…….

A thin waist with no worries with waist trainer corset, is that true and do waist trainers work?

The fashion market has, in recent years, exploded with waist trainer ‘miracle’ corsets. Manufacturers and sellers say that this expertise can help create an ideal waist, burn fat, and improve figure effortlessly. All you have to do is wear a latex corset. Is that true and what is the secret of the waist trainer?

How corsets work

The shape of the waist depends on the genotype. For some women it is well developed, also for the fullness, for other women it is unremarkable. And the shape of the waist does not depend on how strictly the last women adhere to the diets and how intensely they exercise. In order to help the women achieve ideal abdominal conditions, the developers have developed a special corset that helps to reduce the waist diameter. It has long been known that the corset can convert an ordinary waist into a wasp waist. In the XVII. Century in France was a fashion standard of 33 cm. The girls relentlessly tied this piece of clothing to achieve the certain standard. And some have succeeded. Fortunately, almost nobody is as crazy today as they used to be. Today there is a wish to reduce the waist somewhat with the objective reality: Fat accumulation can cause various heart and vascular diseases, digestive tract diseases and the like. a. cause. The laced weight loss corset “Waist Trainer” is made of a high quality fabric and does not bring you any discomfort. Its effect is to slowly reduce the waist size due to the new living conditions.

Firstly - How does the Waist Trainer work?

Waist training is a process of gradually reducing the waist diameter using a special corset. This practice has long been known and was widespread several centuries ago. The use of the special corset gives you a beautiful, sexual silhouette immediately. If you wear the corset permanently while doing sports and following a healthy diet, you can free yourself from unnecessary centimetres at your waist forever some believe.  The corset thins the waist as a result of constant and continuous exposure to a problematic area. The latex belt creates a sauna effect, which contributes to increased sweating. That is why the waste materials and poisons are easily removed from the exposure zone and fat is burned. The resulting compression forces people to eat less and the stomach is therefore compressed.

Waist Trainer to a slim waist – myth or reality?

Waist trainers are often touted as miracle cures that help you get a slim waist in no time. Of course, it’s not that easy with waist training. Nevertheless, waist shapers can actually help you to finally get the perfect hourglass figure you have been dreaming about for so long – without any expensive visits to the beauty doc. On the one hand, it naturally shapes the middle of the body through compression, as long as it is worn. On the other hand, regular waist training also means that the figure itself changes. The love handles are pushed away from the waist and belly and towards the hip. One speaks of a mobilization of the fat cells.

Ddoesn't the Waist Trainer help you lose weight?

Not in a direct way. After all, the fat does not go away – it is simply moved to another place. Nevertheless, the Waist Trainer can indirectly support the customer’s success. The compression means that you automatically eat less when you wear a waist shaper. Simply because you feel that your stomach fills up faster. In addition, he shows how the middle of the body could look with a few pounds less weight and motivates you to stick with it and not give up, even if the kilos are slowly falling. So if you really want to lose weight, the Waist Trainer doesn’t get around a healthy diet and regular exercise. By the way: If you wear the waist trainer for sport, it should also stimulate fat burning through increased sweating.

Is it dangerous to wear a waist trainer?

In itself, a waist shaper can be worn safely. Nevertheless, you can harm your body with waist training. Namely, if you start with it without the necessary prior knowledge.

The following aspects must be observed:


A waist trainer is not a classic corset. It does not need any sticks and rather clings to the body rather than squeezing it completely relentlessly. So you should actually invest in a real waist trainer and not come up with the idea of ​​misusing the lingerie corset made of solid fabric and metal.


Most waist trainers can be tightened or broadened to a certain extent. Locking yourself up in a waist trainer that is far too tight can have serious consequences, for example in the form of damage to the internal organs. Accordingly, it is imperative to act cautiously and with reason. After all, the slim waist is not worth any health damage.


If you wear the Waist Trainer for the first time, twenty to forty minutes are sufficient. After all, the body first has to get used to the new special piece of clothing.

wearing time

Even if Kim Kardashian and Co. seem to wear their waist shapers day and night, this is absolutely not recommended. The maximum daily wearing time is six hours. If this is permanently exceeded, this leads to the abdominal muscles being broken down. Finally, the Waist Trainer has a supporting effect and relieves the abdominal muscles. And muscles that are not used are slowly but surely receding.

How does waist training work?

The good thing about waist training: It is very simple so that everyone can start with it without much preparation. You put on the waist trainer and wear it – that’s it. It is important to increase the wearing time step by step. For example, in the first week you can start with one hour a day and add another hour every week until the maximum of six hours is reached. If the first successes are visible, the Waist Trainer can be carefully (!) Tightened in tiny steps.

Buy Waist Trainer: Quality is a top priority

Anyone who saves on the Waist Trainer is definitely saving in the wrong place. Here quality has top priority. The following points should be considered when buying:


The material should lie comfortably on the skin and still offer effective compression. The waist trainer should therefore consist of high-quality, finely processed materials that are also breathable.


Choosing the right size is particularly important. In the product descriptions there are usually size tables that you should definitely look at. The circumference of the waist is measured at the narrowest point, which is usually about two centimetres above the navel.


Finally, the fit has to be right. For example, the waist trainer should not be so long that there is uncomfortable friction on the lower part of the chest.

By the way: We recommend our breathable waist trainer made of durable material. It is particularly comfortable to wear and therefore ideal for everyday use.

So there you have it!  Our little post on waist trainers so you can make your mind up – do waist trainers work?  One thing we need to be clear of, of course, is that it’s up to you to ensure you wear one safely regardless of what is said in this post – it’s your body so make sure you look after it!

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