Body Shapers and Shapewear Update for the 2021 Season – Women and Men!

Body Shapers

Since our last major update, not including our body shapers blog of course, there are been some great new introduction to the shapewear slash body shaper categories for both men and women.  Below of some of the tops ones that we could find using our usual searching and delving into the world of shapewear for the upcoming 2021 season.

We wanted to bring you some of the more common body shaper lines that folk tend to purchase and that we think will still be as ever popular in 2021 no matter which season you are wanting to buy and wear them in!  Don’t forget that although the majority of shapewear items listed below are mainly for women – this is not to say that men can’ search for the same items too – for more main men’s body shapers you can take a look at the main post/page with this link

In the mean-time here are some already reviewed and recommend body shapers for you to peruse!

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Also some great tips for you to consider!

Tips for Choosing the Right Body Shaper and Shapewear 2021

Shapewear has long since been thought or as a type of underwear that you prefer to hide at the bottom of your wardrobe. On the contrary: figure-shaping underwear has become a popular help for small ‘problem’ areas and helps you to optimally showcase your figure and your curves – both men and women alike!  We give you some tips about shapewear and which clothes may match.

Tighten properly

Tight shapewear is a little more difficult to put on than normal clothes.  Shapewear is not always very elastic at the high level, which results in its strongly shaping character. That’s why our tip for you is: Always get into shapewear from the top downwards (if you can!). Regardless of whether it is a panty, shirt, body or shaping dress. This makes it much easier for you to put on and the shapewear fits snugly on your body.

Buy the right size

We can’t stress this enough.  Shapewear has to fit really tight but in the right way.   So do you buy shapewear underwear one size smaller than your clothing size? No, do not do that! When buying your shapewear pay attention to the size that you normally wear. Only then will the underwear fit you perfectly and you can also benefit from the shaping effect in a comfortable way. If you want to increase the modelling effect, buy shaping underwear with a high shape level instead of one size smaller.  Also buying smaller sizes is not very good for your body’s circulation is it!

To be comfortable think about:

Smoothness – what ‘feel’ do you want – silky?  Cotton?

Tightens the figure through a tight, but pleasantly fitting – not cutting of your circulation!

Shape – of course!  Your own body shaper and that you want to achieve

Soft materials shape on a medium level and offer maximum comfort.

sculpt – again, what body shaper are you looking for or maybe you just want to hide the belly!

The slip question

Are you planning an evening in a sexy mini dress or are you invited to a wedding and want to wear your great tight shift dress? Your first handle in the linen drawer is for the tight string, after all, your underwear should match the style of the dress and not cut anything? Rather not. Because a string, possibly made of lace, can quickly be seen under a tight dress. Reach for shaping high-waisted panties. It is processed seamlessly and hides small belly curves perfectly. Pulling in your stomach all day is no longer on your list at these events and you can score points with your great body shape.

What am I wearing underneath?

There is a simple answer to that: nothing! You should wear shapewear next to your skin. Underpants, including strings, have no place under shapewear, because the edges would show through. The only exception is shaping dresses. You should wear seamless panties underneath.

Only for small problem areas?

Shaping underwear is suitable for every body.  You can find them in all sizes, from XS to XXL. Because even slim women have one or two small flaws that they would like to hide with figure-shaping underwear. Shape lingerie offers fuller bodies the perfect opportunity to clearly define their feminine curves and transform them into a great feminine silhouette. Women with cellulite problems also benefit from shaping underwear. And we women all know that even slim women can be affected by these dents. So, into your shape lingerie and your pencil skirts, bandage dresses and figure-hugging outfits!

Shapewear Problems

Nothing is more embarrassing than a shapewear speed camera. To avoid this faux pas, you should make sure, for example, with a short dress, that the legs of your shaping pants are a good deal shorter. Because when you sit down, your dress slips up and, whoosh, the shaping pants flash out. Make sure you choose the right color when choosing your shaping underwear. We recommend nude tones under transparent fabrics. You can choose black body shapers with black clothes. Very smooth fabrics such as silk or viscose stick to the smallest bumps, which is why when it comes to shapewear, always rely on top processing with laser cut without rough spots or noticeable seams.

Proper care

Shapewear is best washed in the washing machine without fabric softener on the wool or hand wash cycle at 30 degrees. Then let the laundry dry on the line. Higher temperatures quickly put stress on the elastic material and could damage your shapewear, just like the dryer.

Control Full Brief Knickers

As the term suggests – these are mainly around the lower area of the body covering you ‘delicate’ bits – to be worn as you would with any knickers!  Debenhams do a great selection I might add!

Firm Control Shaping Body

Natural Seasonal Lace Shaping Body

Shaping Full Briefs

Waist Nipper Control Brief

Firm Control Low Leg Briefs

Firm Control Shaping Waist-Nipper

Control Thigh Slimming Shorts

Firm Control Low Leg Shaping Briefs

Firm Control High Waisted Thigh Slimmers

Firm Control Shaping Body

Full Slip Body Shapers

Firm Control High Waisted Thigh Slimmers

Complete Shape Body

Underwired Bodysuit

High Waist Briefs

Extra Firm Control Shapewear Body

Extra Firm Control Shapewear Body

Control Maxi Briefs

Firm Control Shapewear Knickers

Medium Control Shapewear Vest

Firm Control Shapewear Long Shorts

Natural Body liner

Foam Cup Bodysuit

Firm Control Seamfree Shapewear Thongs

Bodyliner Briefs

Medium Control Shapewear Shorts

Medium Control Shapewear Thong

Firm Control Shaping Half Slip

Seamfree Shapewear Thongs

Underwired Torslet

Firm Control High Waisted Shaping Briefs

Shapewear Seamless’ Long Shorts

Firm Control Shapewear Slip

Firm Control  Shaping Slip

Firm Control Shaping Slip

Firm Control Shaping Half Slip

Underwired Padded Shapewear Bodydress

Firm Control High Waisted Thigh Slimmers