After reading my main shapewear and body shapers intro article and maybe checking out the body shape guide you’ve decided to try a bodysuit out heh?  Good call!

Bodysuits have been a must have garment for many years and are still going strong today as you can imagine!  Now I’m going to admit something here – bodysuits are not my favourite shapewear!  Shock?  Not really – you see, we all have different shape bodies (obs) and we will all find our own shapewear that suits our needs, such as I love my lovely control briefs :-).  BUT I do have friends that swear that bodysuits are a gals best friend and just love them.

Do Bodysuits Work Then?

That’s such a difficult question to answer as, like I said above, we are all made differently.  Look, the thing is they have been around for donkeys years and are amazingly popular so I’m going to take a stab here at saying body suits do work.

What did I hear you say?  What is a bodysuit anyway?

Ah – maybe we should have answered this question first!  Well…think of a swimsuit and you’re not far off really.  A bodysuit is a piece of shapewear (otherwise known as body shapers) the covers you hips, middle section and from the breasts down.  There are usually some attachments at the lower end to allow you to visit the powder room without taking the whole thing off – winner!  The example given in the picture below has poppers on the bottom half

BodySuit Body Shaper

So bodysuits cover everything?

Well….no and yes.  You can get all kinds of bodysuits and some come with the thong option and some come in with a high cut top or low cut top – but I think this gives even more choice which isn’t a bad thing now when choosing the right shapewear is it?

Some people do wear them at night too but mostly they are a daytime thing I would say – I think most people would be more comfortable in their normal underwear rather than a bodysuit at night-time but I could be wrong!

You haven’t said what is a bodysuit used for?

You’re right!  This type of shapewear and body shapers are used for contouring the body, if that’s the right word, but do be aware that the bodysuit you choose needs to have shapewear elements to it to do this job!  The difference between a normal bodysuit and a shapewear bodysuit is probably the stylishness too – shapewear is not always sexy looking as it has a more noble purpose – to shape your body!

So HINT – make sure the bodysuit you are buying is actually going to help as shapewear and not just something to allow you to wear a blouse or other top without the fear of coming untucked or showing off too much upper area!

Anyhoo – that’s my little introduction to this type of shapewear but I will have lots more to add in the coming months as I start to list the good, the bad and the ugly of bodysuits just for you!

Shapwear Toni

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