You may or may not have read out main article on shapewear or looked at the body shape chart and though “Heh!  Maybe a camisole is the one for me?”!  Well you’re not alone!

Camisoles, otherwise known as cami shapewear (or just plain cami if you’re not after the body shaping options) have been around for yonks.  I mean, I remember them from when I was young (I wont’ go divulging ages now as I don’t want to get down!) and have been a staple clothing item for may people or all ages.

So hold on I hear you say……..camisoles are just camisoles?  Erm yes and no.  The ones you know well are probably not the ones that shape your body and give your definition and tone (we hope) but are more the ones you buy just to have as a vest or comfortable under (or over!) garment.

You see, there are different types of camis and we want to concentrate on the body shaper type, of course, as that’s what we do!


So here is the thing and you’ll see me saying this over and over again on my website – there is no one cami that suits all needs.  Period.  You need to have a little bit of trial and error and it all depends upon your body shape, what you want to achieve, your budget and other worldy things that I just can’t think of right now!

See the one in the picture – it’s a good price, decent reviews and is not going to break the bank if you want to try one out but there are tons out there to choose from.

Phew!  I know there are more out there too!

Again, I am not going to recommended one to you but this is one that I find has some great feedback form those I know and whom have tried it.  The Joyshaper Camisole seems to be a decent buy but as said previously check it’s the right one for you first!

best shapewear uk 2019

Get to the point Toni!  Do camisoles actually work & what are they support to do?

Ah yes, I digress.  So….like other shapewear or body shapers, camisoles are meant to be worn beneath your clothing (although some confident folk do just wear them without anything else!) and are suppose to give you a slimmer look from the bust area to the lower tummy area.  Some do go lower than this but I think it then ventures into bodysuits and the like.

They are suppose to help divert that ‘muffin’ top elsewhere and help you to ease into clothing that may otherwise be a little, shall we say, hard to wear.  Some will state that they provide compression to parts of the body and, again, you could research the particular brand you’re looking at and see if these claims are true and work for you or not.

One thing I have heard people complain about is how a camisole/cami rides p at the belly area.  I suppose, again, this would depend upon the brand, the size and whether or not you have the right one for your body shape. For instance, buy one that’s to small and I can near enough guarantee it’s going to be giving you some discomfort and will start to ride up!  Buy one that’s too baggy and it ait gonna help as shapewear no is it?

I will be looking at doing a proper review and a top 5 list of the best camisoles in the near future so do watch out for this and odn’t forget to subscribe if you want some amazing deals as they appear (I am a bit of a deal finder!).

Also, it would be great to hear what your fave cami wear or camisole is so please do leave a comment below and let me and others know!  I love to hear from you peeps so do get in touch 🙂

Shapwear Toni

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