Mens Body Shaper 2020 Reviews – but it’s still 2019!?

Yes we know it’s only a short period from being the end of 2019 but we also know that people are searching for mens body shapers 2020 guides and reviews now!  We get it!  The thing is that we are all going to put on a few pounds over the festive season and some people are looking for a body shaper to wear either in the season or afterwards.

Getting the right body shaper is important for both men and women of course!  Having one that is just too tight, the wrong colour or gives you a terrible posture just won’t do and is going to put you off them for life!  So check out our new review and guide below that will help you choose the right body shaper for you.

So here are some little FAQs and Guide before you plunge head first into the mens body shaper 2020 reviews:

Can body shapers help me lose weight?

This is a question many people ask! The short answers is no. Some will claim to help you lose weight but we don't make those claims here. Check out the sports body shaper below to see how they 'may' help with weight through sweat loss.

How do I know what body shaper size I should buy?

We can't answer this I'm afraid as each body shaper is different. The good news is that all the perspective sellers have size charts and ideas that should help you choose.

Are mens body shapers expensive?

No! Some you can pay more for and some less. You need to think about what you want from a quality point of view too but take a look at the links below after each review.

No. 1 – HANERDUN Mens Body Shaper Slimming Shirt Compression Vest Elastic Slim Shapewear

Personally, we think this is a great slimming vest/shapewear for any man.  This mens body shaper comes in 3 different colours to suit all clothing types, such as when you want to wear it under a shirt in the day then you should choose the white version.  It comes in 5 different sizes, again suiting many different body types, and is made of high quality nylon.  This is a great all-rounder body shaper that should suit various needs.  This is also known as a slimming compression vest just in case you get confused with others that are available.

Celebrity Shapewear Body Shapers

No. 2 – TAOQIAO Men Body Slimming Tummy Shaper Belly Underwear Shapewear Waist Girdle Shirt

This is another well reviewed body shaper that suits some people more that others.  It sis available in 4 different colours and 5 different sizes.  This shapewear works mroe on the abdomen according to the usage and information read.  This differs from the last one as it is made from both nylon and spandex so may be a little more stretchy.  You can see from the image that it is also a vest type of mens body shaper and one that we have looked at previous in our 2019 body shaper review and the reason we still have it in this review is that we like it!  Good price too!

No. 3 – BURUNST Mens Waist Trainer Vest (Workout Mens Body Shaper)

So this one is a little different as it is mainly for those of you that are wanting to burn some extra calories when exercising.  It is still a body shaper and has some great reviews once again, but we would suggest its more for those that are sporty as it states that it makes you sweat more so will not be suitable for general wear.  We can’t vouch for the weight loss elements of this top but we do know it helps to burn off some extra sweat!  When worn it can have a ‘sauna’ type of effect.  It has a handy zip at the top too, something you don’t see that often with the other ‘normal’ body shapers.  Again – this is a mens body shaper for the sporty type!

No. 4 – The Pure Blue Short Sleeved Compression Top

We really like this a lot.  The Pure Blue comes in 5 different colours which helps to give a great choice to customers and for all occasions.  It also goes all the way up to a 3XL which is great to as most stop at 2XL and not all of us are that size of course.  With great reviews, this polyester and elastine top gives skin tight compression in the core areas you would expect.  What we also like is that it claims to help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter so it really is an all round and seasonal top.

No. 5 – MOINS Mens Body Shaper Tummy Compression

So this is the final body shaper and one that we have included as we feel it is a good one to try out if you don’t know what you want yet!  It’s not very expensive and has reasonable reviews.  it’s 100% polyester and made from breathable and elastic fabric so should not make you sweat or feel uncomfortably tight.  It aims to pull in the chest and stomach areas and even the man boob area, giving a smooth fit all around.  It does not have a variety of colours but does come in various sizes.

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