Shapewear UK – A Little Help Choosing! 2020/2022

Shapewear UK

Shapewear UK – Help! Where do I start?

Choosing shapewear UK styles, otherwise known as ‘Body Shapers’, can be a tricky thing. There is so much stuff out there, just where do you start?

  • Your outfit. The first thing to think about when choosing shapewear is what outfit are you going to wear it under? Some of the main outfit considerations are: Is it strapless? How low down does the back go? How sheer is the fabric? How tight fitting is it?
  • How strong? The next thing to consider is slimming strength. Do you want it to be a smooth underpinning (light or medium control), or do you need it to be super strong (extra firm or maximum control). If you are going to be wearing your shapewear for long periods of time (like at a wedding) you probably should avoid maximum control!
  • WYOB? Do you want to wear it with your own bra? There are lots of shapewear bodysuits, slips and slimming tops with a scooped out section at the front for your bust. This is perfect if you are a cup size C or bigger as you get the good fit of your own bra AND well fitted shapewear.
  • Gusset! Most shapewear is made now with a cotton gusset. This means you can wear it in place of your own underwear, reducing the chances of getting VPL (Visible Panty Lines). Lots of shapewear comes with an opening gusset (either hook and eyes, or a double flap). This is very popular as it means you don’t have to pull the whole thing down to use the loo.
  • Easy to put on? If you suffer from a bad back or arthritis please do be aware that you might find some shapewear pretty hard to get on. With lots of shapewear you need a fair bit of welly to get it on. If you need something that is easy to put on, please contact me and I will recommend something for you.
  • Thigh high. If you are thinking of choosing something mid thigh in length make sure it is short enough to wear with your outfit. Most mid thigh slimmers will peek under skirts and dresses that are shorter than knee length. This is because most skirts and dresses move about when you wear them. You really don’t want to be flashing your pants! There are plenty of shorter length body shapers or excellent control pants (briefs) to choose from.
  • Your wobbliest bits! Which are the most important bits you want to slim and firm up? For most people it is their tummy, but it might be your thighs, bottom or waist. Make sure that the shapewear you choose covers that area completely.

So you can see, shapewear UK choosing (as with any other country of course!) is not as difficult as it may first seem as long as you stick to some fundamental rules.  More so – stay confident with who you are and be confident trying different shapewear UK styles and companies until you get the right shape you feel happy with!