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Men are still under-thought when it comes to body shapers, as I mention in my article here.  You can see from my main article on the front page that women are far more accustomed to being able to fins shapewear and body shapers and that men are not mentioned much.

So I though I would look at this and see if I could find a Top 5 reviewed body shaper for men whilst, at the same time, being aware that this is something new to me too! So how did I go about this?  Well….I took at look at the reviews given for various mens shapewear and how others thought they were fitting, feeling and whether or not they worked for them.

I tend not to give much too much waffle in these types of posts as I believe that people just want to get to the main point- the reviews and the product.

So with that in mind!

5 Body Shaper for Men

‘Great for the Torso’ Mens Body Shaper

The Pelham and Strutt ‘Core Compression’ body shaper for men concentrates on the correct posture and spinal alignment (their words not mine!).  According to the reviews, this is a great little number for the torso and washes well.  It explains that it gives a slimming waistline of up to 3 inches and this seems to be reiterated by the reviews too.

The reviews mention various men that have used it for different reasons.  One has had a total gastrectomy and so his muscle on his tummy are not that strong according to the review, but this garment helps with that.

Others wear this particular mens shapewear for sport or as a casual, shaping t shirt.  In our opinion, great overall torso shaping for a very good price.

Body Shaper for Men Shaping Vest

The Fuller Top Mens Shaper

This is a fuller vest/top type shapewear from Aptoco Shapewear as well as a compression vest/top (they call it male body sculpting but it is only the top half!).

According to the reviews this has helped men with different body sizes.  For instance, one review talks about how he lost 8 stone and that this body shapewear helped with his loose skin.  People comment on how the shaper fits really well and makes them feel, I quote, “amazing” when wearing it.

The information sates that it is a compression tank top (vest or t shirt?) to help you look thinner and reduce you belly size’.  It mentions that you will be the focus of the crowd but we doubt people want that!  SO, with that in mind we think this is great value too but more for people that really do want to pull in their belly or loose skin – you can’t go wrong for the price too!

Something for the Front Bits Sir?

This is the 2(x)ist underwear (bottom shaper) and ‘dual lifting boxer’

We added this as we feel that not all men are after the all over body suit or the vest and t shirt type of shapewear.  Some just want something that is going to ‘contour’ certain areas of their lower bits.  There is only 1 review on this garment so it would be interesting to see how you men like it or if you have something really as good that you can share with is.  It made it into the top 5 as we think it does a good job of holding everything in place and according to some men this is something they are looking for.

Duel Lifting Mens Boxers Undewear Shapewear

This is one serious piece of mens shapewear!  The Novevasa High Waist Slimming Compression Trunks (phew) state they can help to warm up body areas and burn excess calories.  We doubt that unless you’re going to wear them all the time and do continuous exercises but who are we to say!  What we do like about them is that they give full support to the bottom half of the body (not legs of course) and the waist section.  They seem to be a good choice for the more active man that wants that type of support.  They state that there or no seems which we think is important as these can itch quite a bit when present.  The garment can also be worn with various other clothing to give a more natural look too, such as shirts and pants.

This is another type of shapewear from 2(x)ist – but this time it’s a crew neck.  This is mens shapewear for the mid section – something that seems to be very popular amongst men and the reviews are ok too.  It has mixed reviews about the fitting but I think this is more about the people not getting the right size.  I mentioned in my main articles the importance of getting the right shapewear for your body and this garment is a good example of that.  Get the right size and it seems like it will give you the shape you want for your body shape but if your don’t then it won’t!

Crew Neck Mens Shapewear T Shirt

So there you have it!  I will be looking at some more mens body shapers and in much more detail in the near future.  In the mean time, please do leave your own comments – what mens body shaper do you wear?  Have you bought one for your loved one that did the job?  Or just join in the conversation!

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