Are Swimwear Tummy Control Shapewear Worth It?

So this is not a post I thought I would be writing in near winter!  I was recently asked “You talk about tummy shapewear but don’t mention swimwear tummy control.  Why not?”.

Good question!  The answers to be honest is that I don’t swim!  Seriously, I hate the water.  So it’s quite difficult to do a review around something I have not tried or would try so, instead, I have reached out to friends and on social media to ask what everyone else wears.

After numerous replies that included some skimpy bikinis (and the odd mankini yuk) and all of which were not classed as shapewear, I finally got some honest feedback on what others wear to get that swimwear body they want – or as near to it as possible!

Matalan Shapwear Tummy Control Swimsuit

Matalan’s Shapewear Tummy Control Swimsuit

This one surprised me little as I genuinely didn’t know that Matalan did shapewear (seriously I didn’t! – I need to get researching more!).  So this is classed  as a ‘shapewear tummy control swimsuit’.  I have to say it looks pretty lovely.  The friend that has it says it has been with her on countless holidays, is great in the pool and has not discoloured after countless dips or being washed.

The material, so I’m informed’ feels lovely and is very slimming and flattering, giving her and others I have looked at a  lot more confidence which is never a bad thing!

They sell this at a very good price although it’s very popular and is regularly restocked – if you can’t see this in your size then I would definitely consider another style from them that’s for sure.  For the price you pay it is worth it.  Some keywords I have seen on their own reviews are:

Littlewoods V by Very Controlwear Essentials Plunge Swimsuit in Cobalt Blue

Firstly – we love this colour!  According to the Littlewoods website this little number by V by Very is from their own swimwear tummy control range (they call it the controlwear collection) and has a plunging neck line and helps to keep you ‘sleek and svelte’.  From the reviews it’s got a great 4.6 out of 5 and looks to be a real winner with over 100 folk commenting on it.  We notice that this could also be an option for the bigger bust women out there although you have to be careful that you get the right size of the neck line will be plunging a little lower than expected!  The design is great, the material is fine for the job and folk really think it’s a great buy for the money!  Our verdict?  Buy it and try it!

Littlewoods V by Very Controlwear Essentials Plunge Swimsuit - Cobalt Blue

So back to my main point.  I prefer shapewear more than underwear as it gives my that confidence I want (and need!) as well as just being better, at times, than my normal underwear.  Now….I know what you’re thinking already………it won’t replace your underwear……..but I only saying how it works for me.  It suits me and my lifestyle and means I’m not perpetually dieting every two minutes (am scoffing a choccy biscuit as I type anyhow).

So I end this post by saying – go on, give shapewear a try, and if you don’t like it them say so in the comments below!  As I said on my main page, I love to hear what you peeps think……I really do.  Without you I wouldn’t have this website and it would mean the world to me to put some of your opinions on here…..even if you completely disagree with what I’ve said and you hate the thought of shapewear on a long term basis!  Go on………leave a comment…….I don’t bite!

Shapwear Toni

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