Hi again!  So you’ve looked at my main article about shapewear and want to delve a little further into what may suit you right?  This article and subsequent posts look at the benefits of tummy control shapewear.  Are they that good?  Do tummy shapewear garments really work?  Here’s my humble opinion!

The Pressure to have a Flat Stomach

Let’s face it girls (and boys!) – getting a flat stomach has been the  bane of many of our lives.  We see celebrities on TV spouting garbage about how to get a flat stomach milliseconds after giving birth, flaunting their tummy like there’s no tomorrow.

How long do we actually waste (or waist ha!…sorry) trying to get that flat stomach to no avail?  Well…….shapewear certainly helped me!  Okay….it’s not for everyone so you go ahead and make your own mind up, but I’m telling you smomething……..if you aint tried it then don’t knock it!

Go on now……stand in front of a mirror and suck that stomach in.  Has it flattened?  Yes?  Well that can be helped with tummy control shapewar then!

So….get to the point!  What is Tummy Control Shapewear and Will it Help?

Now this is a big question.  Let’s start by explaining what it is first although you are probably more than aware of this so if so just skip to the next paragraph.  Tummy control shapewear and body shapers act as a type of compression piece of underwear or garment.  In otherwords, they work by pressing in (compressing) the tummy/stomach area.  And yes, this can hurt if done wrong and could even cause you damage so wear it at your own risk but be sensible….such as getting the right size and type for you and not expecting miracles or wearing control wear for long periods of time!

Will control wear work for you?

The honest answer?  How do I know!?!  It works for me and it works for lots of friends and people all over the world……so we can’t all be wrong now can we?  A more civilised answer would be that it works for some and not for others.  It works to some extent but does not perform miracles and so on.  I just say, try it and see.

tummy control shapewear

This is going to cost me a fortune isn’t it?  It would be cheaper to get a tummy tuck!?

Erm…….NO!  Tummy control body shapers and shaper are relatively cheap!  Take the one on the left.  The Aukee Body Shaper Tummy Controller has decent reviews and is one I have tried myself.  Now, this isn’t my prefered choice and you will be able to see my top 10 tummy shapers once I get round to writing the blog post, but it did work and it was just it’s not my prefered one.  BUT it is a great one to try if you’re still humming and ahhhring so do give it a shot!

tummy shapewear too tight

So are there any risks using tummy shapewear?

Again, I aint no medical expert so you use any garment at your own risk!  That sounds a bit scary right?  It’s not meant to be but like everything in life there are risks, such as if you wear shapewear for too long or if it’s too tight and it puts pressure on areas of your body, constricting blood flow then yeh—–you’ve got it wrong!  You are either wearing it wrong, too tight, the wrong style or just trying to compress something that does not like being compressed! So please, don’t be stupid and follow the manufacturers guide and instructions!

So….can tummy shapers help me lose weight?

Hmmmmm…..they certianly haven’t helped me!  But that’s not really what I wear them for.  If you want to lose weight then eat healthy and exercise after speaking to you GP – again, I ain’t no medical expert or dietician!  Some will claim that tummy shapewear can help you lose weight through sweating but I think this is negliable…….I’ll leave you to make up your own mind about that as I am not you!

To conclude……………………..

I will be writing a blog piece on the top tummy/stomach control shapewear & body shapers soon so please do subscribe to my site for more information!

In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed reading my little article and do feel free to contribute below!  Share you thoughts and ideas as always and add to the topic……….give me some more ideas and I may even add your idea to my blog!  In the meantime – love your body!

Shapwear Toni

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