Reviews of the Best Waist Cincher Shapewear

Oh the tummy area and which waist cincher!  If there is one area of the body that causes us much stress throughout our lives, it’s the waist (tummy)…….(maybe my butt sometimes too but that’s a close second 🙂 )

So, with that in mind I thought “why not review the best waist cincher shapewear for our tummy!?”.  That’s what this website is all about right?  Have you already chosen the cincher option after reading my main shapewear article?  If not, do have a read to see whether or not there is another option that you haven’t thought about if not read on on!

Shapwear Toni

What is a waist cincher and what’s the difference between a cincher & a corset?

Good question and exactly what I asked my friends  So this is just my opinion remember but:

A waist cincher is a not dissimilar to a corset although it is designed mainly, as you would imagine by the name, to hold in the tummy region giving you that flat stomach look.  You may hear some folk refer to this as shapewear but that’s a generic term and the cincher comes into it’s only little category really.  It is more under the title of ‘compression underwear’ I think.  They can range in price and support levels and mainly have the zipper type fastening at the back I find.

A corset can be for many reasons, and designed for those reasons too, such as being sexier or for medical purposes!  People will sometimes wear a corset on the outside of their clothing to look all Victorian, sexy or just different!

Really, it’s up to your how you define the difference between the corset and the waist cincher but I think the cincher is more practical and serves a real purpose.

easy up waist cincher shapewear

I think this has to be my favourite waist cincher.  The name says it all really – Easy Up Waist Cincher – it’s a really good price if you just want to try one out and has some rgeat reviews, one of which is mine!  It just feels great to wear and does not full on compress the belly are which some really can do.  Take a look here for more reviews REVIEWS

Training Sports Cincher Shapewear

Now this cincher is one I have not tried out but friends have….why?  Because its more a sports cincher and I don’t do that much sport!  Friends tell me that it’s great for when you’re getting all hot and sweaty but is only for short term use during sports as otherwise it becomes uncomfortable.  Take a look here for more reviews REVIEWS

wieght loss cincher

So let’s get one thing straight.  I aint no medical expert and will never pretend to be on but when something has the title of “weight loss cincher” then I take that cincher with a pincher (I tried to rhyme there) salt.  I don’t think any cincher helps you to lose weight – how can it do that!  But…..this one is again really comfortable and has some great reviews.  It has that hold that you want and is comfortable and feels sturdy.  What I would say with this one is get your sizing right!  If it’s not right then send it back and try another one as I think it’s worth the money.  Take a look here for more reviews REVIEWS

So there you have it.  My top 3 waist cinchers in a nutshell.  Remember, as I touched upon in my front end shapewear article.  Don’t forget to not be uncomfortable in what you are wearing and always get the right size!

So share your thoughts, feelings, agreements or disagreements in the comments section below about what you think is the best waist cincher or general shapewear.  I don’t even mind if you share a link as long as it’s to something relevant of course and not just spam!

Shapwear Toni

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