Do Celebrities Wear Body Shapers & Shapwear on the Red Carpet? Yes!

Celebrities have to look good when they’re going down the red carpet as there’s lots of paparazzi just waiting to take the ideal picture and to find out what dress they may be wearing for that special occasion. A lot of celebrities wear shapewear and body shapers to make sure that that special dress and outfit looks fantastic!

So….what shapewear do they wear?

Some celebrities wear high waist shorts to make sure that a lot of coverage is made from the mid thigh right up to the boobs it can also help to give some tone to the bottom the thighs, obviously, and to the waste itself.

Mid waist shorts are the preferred option for dresses that may have that plunge line or a cut-out section as often saying on the most fashionable ladies on the red carpet and catwalk. Again this goes from the middle of the waist to the upper thighs to the bottom full stop as with a high waist option it can help give the body some tone in those areas and can be worn with pants to full stop in my opinion comma and if I was a celebrity ha ha ha, then this would be the choice for me!

Celebrity Shapewear Body Shapers

Avoiding the Dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line) with Shapewear

I suppose if you are a celebrity one of the things that you might hate the most is if the paparazzi take a picture of you in your stunning outfit and there’s the vpl the visible panty line. A smoothing thong can therefore help to alleviate those vpls and are perfect for wearing under the stunning dresses you say on the red carpet. They can also help to bring in the tummy area and are perfect for the more delicate and dresses and pants such a silky ones.

Shaping control body shaper

Some celebrities up to wear pants suits are all in one suits these days and a cami top sometimes known as a shaping tank top can also help make sure the top area of the body looks good under such suits. They can help to tone the upper body.

Spanx Very Much!

If you want to go the whole hog then you can get the shaping bodysuit which are often worn when wearing gowns. As the name hints at you can wear these to give support to much of the body including the middle section to the breasts and they can help you to feel that little bit more sexy too!

Slips can sometimes be used but they’re not as popular as they once were although I quite like them especially in summer where dresses can tend to cling to the body if you’re lucky enough to get some sunshine and heat.

Spanx are an increasing choice for many celebrities taking to the red carpet and I’m hearing more and more about friends that loves to wear these as well. What you don’t see on the red carpet is something that is making all the difference to what that person is wearing the shapewear but celebrities choose can make a massive amount of difference to held a feel too with many talking about how shape wear not only makes them feel better about their clothes but gives them more confidence when walking outside in front of the paparazzi so yes even celebrities get nervous!

As I mentioned in my main article on body shapers, it can be uncomfortable if you don’t get the right size and type of shapewear for your body. Some people will find wearing shapewear constricts the body but gives them the definition and the natural curves that they want for a short period of time. Other people we want the more relaxed shapewear so they can wear this throughout the day rather than when they’re on the red carpet exclamation mark

Some little tips if you are going to wear shorts such as the mid waist or high waist ones then try to avoid ones that are all nylon as you’ll sound like a walking garbage bag and probably create lots of static too! Another tip is the mid waist panties often worn are great for women that may have just had a baby. I can’t guarantee this and I’m only going off what others have said rather than my own experience! Again another tip is I think the most uncomfortable out there to where is the smoothing song but people do love them when wearing linen pants and if that’s your thing then why not!?

Along with spanx, I think shape and tanks are becoming a big hit because they give that hourglass shape to a lot of people, including myself comma and are great to wear with those pants suits that I thought were a little bit 80s but seem to be coming all the rage again!

So there you have it! If you wanting to look like the celebrities do in your dress, skirt, all-in-one bodysuit, pants etc etc then shapewear rather than extreme dieting for the next two weeks might be the option for you?

As I’ve said throughout my blog I am not a medical expert and no can I account for every single body size and style out there. It’s up to you to make sure you get the right size and the right style that will match your body shape, your personality, your clothing and your lifestyle. There’s lots of choice are there and some real Bargains to be had to. I would always recommend trying some cheaper end products first and seeing which type of shapewear in particular suits you rather than jumping straight in for the Victorian corset style that’s gonna stop you breathing for most of the night out or if you’re lucky enough to be in front of paparazzi!

Most of all have fun trying out some different styles with your new outfits or see if shapewear gives your current outfit a new lease of life! As with all my blog posts feel free to leave me a comment or any ideas that you may have and share them with the rest of the public as we could all do with some new tips every now and then.

Shapwear Toni

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