Body Shaper and Shapewear FAQ – Our Top 5 Questions and Answers

We know that choosing a body shaper can be a struggle for both men and women so we wanted to bring you the top 5 most asked questions sent to us about body shapers or, as some people call them, shapewear.

What is a body shaper?

Depending on their shaping effect, Body Shapers ‘shape’ different parts of the body – such as the chest, over the belly and the hips, to the buttocks and thighs. There are the Body Shaper in various forms such as shapewear with spaghetti straps, body shapers with a deep neckline, body liners with leg or shapewear with integrated bra cups that give the chest support. There are body shapers that help you to lose weight (for some!) through sweat whilst exercising and body shapers that are for men and ones for women. You may seem the term ‘shapewear’ but that is the same as a body shaper – some people use one term and other people use another!

When do I wear a body shaper?

Basically, you can always wear figure-shaping body shapers under clothing but not for prolonged periods of time. For women – for the best effect, wear a body shaper under very tight tops, dresses or skirts. So you smooth your stomach, waist and butt in no time and you can feel comfortable in any everyday situation. This could be for casual or formal attire and everts such as weddings or going out for a walk. For men it’s not dissimilar – you can wear one under your short or t-shirt from formal events to going out for a jog!

How do I choose a Body Shaper?

The body shaper should correspond to your normal clothing size. So, do not buy a body shaper one size smaller to look slimmer – you could end up in some uncomfortable position! Pay attention to the shaping of your body and the different effects of the body shaper – such as what you are trying to achieve. Shapewear in general is always made of elastic material and specially made to give your figure optimal support, clinging to your body like a second skin.

Will shapewear reduce tummy and stomach fat?

Ah. This is asked a million times! We would never say to you that you should stop trying to lose weight (if you are over weight) and substitute good exercise and healthy eating with a body shaper. There are some that claim that wearing particular body shapers can help reduce fat and these are the type you wear for exercising that help you to sweat. Maybe you could try one and see if it works for you!?

Is wearing shapewear or body shaper harmful?

It's not a corset and is not meant to be worn as a permanent solution. If worn right and taking sensible precautions, i.e. you are not ill in the area you are wearing one, then the answer is a general no. The stretchy material used is safe enough but if you are concerned then you need to ask your GP or seek an alternative to body shapers. They have been around for many years and have you heard of anyone hurting themselves wearing one?

So you can see – there are many questions to ask but these are the Top 5 Body Shaper and Shapewear FAQs that we know of and we can add more as we get asked more questions!

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