How To Measure For Your Body Shaper

BodySuit Body Shaper

How do you measure for your body shaper?

Do you have favourite pants that no longer fit because of your extra belly fat? Does your belly stop you from wearing a close-fitting dress? Well there is an easy solution! What about shapewear?

With shapewear you have no problem putting on your favourite pants or feeling uncomfortable in a tight-fitting dress. Shapewear will change everything about how you feel and make you feel comfortable in your clothes.

Body Shaper Styles

Shapewear is available in different styles with which you can choose which body part you want to support. Here are some parts of the body that form the goals of clothing:

  • Abdomen: helps to smooth the abdomen and provides abdominal control
  • Waist: helps to smooth and contour the curves of the waist
  • Hips: provides support to the hips and abdomen
  • Thighs: provides thigh formation and also helps with abdominal control
  • Bust: these shapewear pieces help improve the breast area
  • Body: this type of shapewear offers full coverage for the entire body

Measure Your Body Shaper

Shapewear is not as simple as just choosing the area of ​​the body that you want to focus on. It is also very important to consider measurements.

It is very common for people to believe that the tighter the shapewear is, the slimmer they seem. This is actually not the case. If shapewear is too tight, it will bulge under clothing; if shapewear is too large, it can stand out considerably and not perform its function correctly.

In this case it is extremely important to take measurements for your shapewear. If you are near a store, it is a good idea to ask if they can measure you. If not, shapewear measurements are pretty easy.

  • First you have to take a measuring tape.
  • There are two parts of the body that you want to measure: the waist and the hips.
  • Start by wrapping the measuring tape around your waist.
  • Note the length of the tape measure and measure again to ensure that you get the same measurement twice.
  • Then wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips. Make sure that the measuring tape is positioned correctly around the hips and write down the length.

Do you have any tips about the size of shape value? Let us know below!

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