How To Fold Undewear – An Easy Guide!

How to fold undewear

Seven Easy Steps How To Fold Underwear

When it comes to storage: underwear could, of course, be thrown into the drawer like a wad, but that does not make it more clearly arranged. Even if you don’t feel like it after turning your laundry, the job of underpants really pays off as a silly thing. How is that easiest to do? Follow this step-by-step plan and soon you can store underwear like a pro.

Step 1 – grab it

When it comes to underpants: folding makes your cupboard look completely organized. The first thing you need is an underpants and a smooth, straight surface.

Step 2 – smooth out

Whether you have a boxer shorts or thong in front of you, storing underwear is best done the other way around. Spread your underpants completely and smooth them out with your hand. Let the top with any waistband point upwards.

Step 3 – fold the underwear

Now the underpants can start folding! Grasp the right half and fold it exactly to the middle. Then do the same with the left half, so that both sides touch each other.

Step 4 – the top

Now grab your new right end and fold it all the way to your new left end. You now notice that the top already looks spick and span.

Step 5 – the bottom

But we are not there yet, because now you still have to neatly store the bottom in its own fabric. Underwear of course differs per length, so this step works differently for short women’s underwear than for tall men’s boxers. Slips and strings are ready when you fold the bottom fabric upwards in one go. Regular boxers and trunks need two folds up and really long or wide boxers three or four.

Step 6 – turn and stack

Now turn the entire underwear package over and tadaaa, it’s ready to be stacked in your drawer.

Step 7 – store underwear without rules

Experiment! There is no rule for storing underwear, because there are fifty ways to keep your underwear drawer tidy. Therefore, try out for yourself which way works best for you and your type of underpants.

Room for something new now?

So, neat and tidy! Your underwear drawer probably looks bigger than ever after all those underpants, because all those little packages will undoubtedly take up less space. If you ask us this is the perfect reason to immediately reward yourself with some new boxers.  We hope you like our how to fold underwear guide and continue to have a browse around our website for other useful bits of underwear information!

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