Mens Undwear Types – Are There Differences?

Mens Undewear Types

The Top 5 Different Mens Underwear Types

Men’s general underpants

Underpants are worn every day, which means that you need comfortable underpants. If you don’t have that, no day is 100% great. That is why it is important to try out all kinds of different types and brands of underpants, because there is an ideal underpant type for everyone.

Boxer shorts

Boxer shorts are the most common type of underpants for men. This often characterizes itself with an elastic band on top with the brand incorporated. In addition, this model has a pipe as standard. This is where the boxer shorts become more complicated for most men, because there are also different types of boxer shorts. This has to do with the length of the pipe. These come in three lengths: short, medium and long. What works best for you has to do with the construction of your thigh.

Men’s briefs

The men’s brief is a model that everyone actually knows, and has had on everyone at some point in their lives. This is also the model underpants that people really like or are strongly opposed to. This model is only available in one version, which is the same for every brand. This makes it easier to find a replacement when you need a new one.


A trunk is a combination between the boxer shorts and the brief, but it is a crooked combination. It is more like a short boxer shorts. A very important difference is that the trunk is cut lower on the waist than the boxer shorts. Here we see the influence of the slip.

Thermal underwear

To complete the entire underpants circle, we must also briefly talk about thermal underwear. Especially now that we are in the winter sports season. Because although many people still wear normal underpants under their thermo layer, it still falls under the cup of underwear. Because yes, we wear it under normal clothing. It only provides slightly more warmth than normal underwear would because of the special material and of course the length.

Different brands

In addition to the fact that there are different models when it comes to underpants, there are also many different brands. Every brand has its own proportions in the different models. For example, the legs of a medium-length Calvin Klein boxer shorts are slightly shorter than those of other brands.

The second point that makes a difference between brands is the material used to make the underpants. This can ensure that one is slightly more elastic than the other, that underpants are made entirely of cotton and can even be anti-sweat.

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