3 Mens Body Shape Explained

Mens Body Shape

3 Mens body shape easily explained

It is high time again to expand or renew your wardrobe. With fresh reluctance, you enter a clothing store on your day off in the hope that you can buy all the necessary items of clothing in one go. You select your size, pick up some nice items from the rack and step into the fitting room with good cheer. However, if you put on the different items and look in the mirror, you don’t know what to think about it. The clothing itself is beautiful, but whether it completely fits your physique is a question that you cannot answer immediately.

In other words, you could use some clothing advice for a man’s physique. On the basis of which, for example, is a distinction made in the physique of a man and with which clothing do you look best?

Three times the physique of the male body

In general there are three groups in which the physique of a man can be classified. First there is the endomorph, second there is the ectomorph and finally there is the mesomorph. Depending on your physique, there is clothing that suits you best and allows your body to stand out and bring you into balance. What clothing this is and how you can categorize your physique, we tell you below.

Note: Although generally only three forms of physique are distinguished for the male body, there are many different male bodies. It is therefore not inconceivable that your body does not fall within one, but within two of the categories described below.

Do you have the physique of an endomorph?


Men with the physique of an endomorph generally have a relatively broad structure, with the center of gravity around the abdomen. Other characteristics that allow you to recognize yourself as an endomorph:

You have wide hips;

You have a broad chest;

You have narrow ankles;

You have narrow wrists;

You have narrow shoulders.

Clothing advice for a man’s physique: the endomorph

For a man with the physique of an endomorph it can be difficult to get the perfect outfit together. Clothing that fits at the shoulders may be too narrow at the abdomen and clothing that fits like a glove around the waist is too loose at the shoulders.

Despite this problem, it is important for an endomorph to choose clothing that is the right size. So select clothing that is not too spacious, but certainly not too tight.

Does the above problem make this very difficult?

Then choose clothing that fits well at one point, for example around the shoulders or around the waist, and let it be entertained by a coupeur or coupeuse. Because the clothing is now made to your body, it is guaranteed to be molded.

Clothing over clothing

Accentuate vertical line

Layers are what a man with the physique of an endomorph also looks good on. For example, think of a tight sweater with a cardigan over it. If this cardigan also accentuates the vertical line of your body, for example through a row of buttons, you are in the right place.

Continue the vertical line

Another way to accentuate the vertical line is by opting for slightly longer jackets or blazers. By selecting copies that fall over your waist, you lengthen your upper body, making you appear longer and optimally balancing your body.

You can also continue the accent on the vertical line by selecting the right pants as well as the right outerwear. Ideally, these pants have little or no pleats that emphasize the horizontal line.

Attention to your shoulders

Finally, for a man with the physique of an endomorph, it is a good idea to draw attention to the shoulders. You can do this for example with the help of subtle shoulder pads. By accentuating your shoulders, they will be in proportion to the rest of your body and the balance between your upper and lower body will be optimal.

Do you have the physique of an ectomorph?


The ectomorph can be seen as the opposite of the endomorph. Men with this body type are generally tall and thin. Features that allow you to recognize yourself as an ectomorph are as follows:

You have a narrow face;

You have narrow hips;

You have narrow shoulders;

You have a flat chest;

You have thin legs;

You have thin arms.

Clothing advice for a man’s physique: the ectomorph

In theory, it is very easy for an ectomorph to buy clothes. Because designers focus on this body type when designing clothing, almost everything fits you. However, this does not mean that you do not have to take anything into account in order for your body to come out in the best possible way.

The clothing advice for the physique of a man who focuses on the ectomorph again revolves around finding the right balance between upper body and lower body. To achieve this, you can choose to combine tailored outerwear with slim fit undergarments.

Generous clothing is a no-go

Slim fit jeans

What is often thought is that spacious clothing makes wide. Wearing this takes the accent away from your long, narrow body, is the idea.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is therefore not advisable to wear spacious outerwear or to put on jeans with wide legs. The balance that your body needs disappears, so you don’t get the most out of your physique.

Enter the width in a different way

So spacious clothing does not have the desired effect, but what should you do if you want to look a little wider?

A solution is to choose clothing in the right material. Think of fabrics such as cotton or denim. If the fabrics also have a print or structure, you are in the right place.

Do you have the physique of a mesomorph?


Finally the mesomorph. With this body type you are in between the endomorph and the ectomorph. Your physique can be called athletic and muscular. The following characteristics apply to your body:

You have broad shoulders;

You have broad thighs;

You have wide arms;

You have a broad chest;

You have a large trunk;

You have a narrow waist.

Clothing advice for a man’s physique: the mesomorph

A man with the physique of a mesomorph can ensure in various ways that his body is perfectly accentuated in his chosen outfit. In this clothing advice for the physique of a man, we therefore distinguish between clothing choices for the upper body and clothing choices for the lower body.

To accentuate your muscles

Muscled man

If you have a muscular body, it is understandable that you want to accentuate this. For many men, one way to do this is to wear a T-shirt that is just too small. Although this makes your muscles look good, your body does not look balanced.

A better solution is to wear suitable and tailored clothing. This not only accentuates your muscles, but also ensures that your body is in balance.

Other ways to give extra attention to your upper body is by wearing a V-neck T-shirt or by putting your shirt in your pants.

The balance between your upper and lower body

In men with the physique of a mesomorph, the upper body is generally wider than the lower body. To ensure that both are balanced, it is advisable to wear pants with straight or slim fit legs. The skinny jeans do not completely fit your physique, because this accentuates your relatively narrow lower body and your body seems unbalanced to the eye.

Your physique: a final tip

Stylish man

In order to make your body stand out, you can dress according to your physique. However, this is not the only thing you can dress to. It is also important that you buy clothing and wear clothing that fits within your own style. Only in this way do you feel comfortable in your outfit and you also radiate this to the outside world.

The male body is generally classified into one of three categories: endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph. Depending on this physique there are ways to make your body stand out optimally. The clothing advice for a man’s physique in this article is focused on this. We have told you not only on the basis of which characteristics you can categorize your own physique, but also which clothes you can best wear to ensure a balanced appearance.

By keeping these guidelines and customs in mind during your next shopping session, you will slowly feel that the fresh reluctance you once had is turned into pleasure. Choosing a new outfit is not at all as annoying as you thought!

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