Are Waist Shapers Really That Good?

I have a waist.  You have a waist.  I have a rather big waist…….I don’t know what you have!  All I do know is that I have chosen the “A Girls Best Friend” option for my waist shapers (yes plural as I have more than one!).  Some of my pals hate them and find them quite uncomfortable whereas others, like myself, love them.

So here’ the low down…..the secret…….as I’ve been saying all along get one that fits and feels comfortable! Just as mentioned inmy main article on shaperwear.

I bought my first waist shaper some years back and just shoved it on, tucking my belly in as I went like I was fitting jelly back into a mould (Jello to our USA cousins!), to very little success.  Oh….I got it to fit alright but blimey did it hurt after a while!  The elastic rubbing into my lower belly like there was not tomorrow. So yeh……..make sure you get one that fits!

My top 3 Waist Shapers so far……

High Waist Shaper

There are lots of choice our there!  One of my favourite is this the MOVWIN Body Shaper Full Body Slimmer Shapewear Tummy Control Waist Trimmer Bodysuit Girdle for Women.  I just find it fits well and works and not a bad price to pay and try anyway!  And it looks good!  I will be honest….it’s not got the 5 star reviews I would love but I am only sharing what I find fits well……….you’ll have to try and style yourself of course.

Mid Range Waist Shaper

The Mid Range Waist Shaper – the MOVWIN Women’s Shapewear Tummy Control Body Shaper.

Now this has only got a few reviews so far, but I found it to be extra comfortable.  It fits on really easily and sometimes it was like I was not wearing it at all.  It doesn’t shift up or down as I have found with other waist shapers (and generally some body shapers) and it doesn’t nip in areas where it’s tighter.  I’m wearing this one for a bit longer to see how it performs but so far I’m more than happy with it… it hides what I need it to hide!

Waist Butt Shaperwear

My Favourite Waist Shaper bar none!

I’m just going to say right now that I love this.  Hands down my fave so far.  Comfortable, easy to put on and wears really really well.  I think, and this is just my opinion, that it looks sexier than the others too and made me feel that little bit more confident!  It’s the AMAGGIGO Amenxi Shapewear Underwear Waist Butt Shaper.

So yeh, I am cheating a little here because it’s venturing into a full body shaper but that depends upon your thinking.  If it shapes other things at the same time as my waist then that’s and even bigger winner in my books!  Again, as with the other one, I have to wear it for a little bit longer but it geats great reviews form myself, my friends (the fussy ones!) and from buyers.

So there you have it.  My humble shout out to the waist shaper and which one is my favourite!  Give you opinions, your faves and your hints for others in the comments below!

Shapwear Toni

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