Why I prefer shapewear & body shapers to normal underwear.

So hopefully you’ve seen my first article on choosing shapewear HERE or body shapers?  I have tried to go into a little more detail as I have to admit, I choose to wear my shapewear a little more often than most of my friends and this is for the following reasons:

I find it pretty comfortable!  Seriously – once I got use to my favourite and I had the right fit, then wearing it for a little more time each time was not an issue but if you find it uncomfortable then either it’s not for you, you’re wearing it wrong (i.e. the wrong size) or you need to give it a little more time!

Tummy Shapewear

There are lots of choice our there!  One of my favourite is this the MOVWIN Body Shaper Full Body Slimmer Shapewear Tummy Control Waist Trimmer Bodysuit Girdle for Women.  I just find it fits well and works and not a bad price to pay and try anyway!  And it looks good!  I will be honest….it’s not got the 5 star reviews I would love but I am only sharing what I find fits well……….you’ll have to try and style yourself of course.

Choosing the right size is really important.  For example if your were 160cm 50kg you may need a small.

Remember with all these body shapers and shapewear, you’ll take them out of the package and probably not be too impressed but get them on and…………..well….I hope you agree with myself that they’re a little bit fab.

Shaping control body shaper

This one I found was a little more expensive but did a great all over body job (is that even a sentence!?).

It comes in a nice colour and I rather liked how it felt too.  It’s the Farmacell Shape 608 Women’s shaping control body shaper with flat tummy and push-up effect.  It’s not as sexy as the other one but it is more practical and has great reviews from myself and others so it’s a winner in my books!

So back to my main point.  I prefer shapewear more than underwear as it gives my that confidence I want (and need!) as well as just being better, at times, than my normal underwear.  Now….I know what you’re thinking already………it won’t replace your underwear……..but I only saying how it works for me.  It suits me and my lifestyle and means I’m not perpetually dieting every two minutes (am scoffing a choccy biscuit as I type anyhow).

So I end this post by saying – go on, give shapewear a try, and if you don’t like it them say so in the comments below!  As I said on my main page, I love to hear what you peeps think……I really do.  Without you I wouldn’t have this website and it would mean the world to me to put some of your opinions on here…..even if you completely disagree with what I’ve said and you hate the thought of shapewear on a long term basis!  Go on………leave a comment…….I don’t bite!

Shapwear Toni

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