Huge Reasons to Avoid Shapwear

10 HUGE Reasons to AVOID Shapewear and Body Shapers

I hear you say WHAT?  Why on earth am I writing a post on reasons to avoid shapewear and body shapers when the website is mainly about reasons TO buy them?

Simple!  Having experienced shapewear and body shapers for a number of years I am also in a position to say why you should avoid them – not everyone should avoid them but I thought it was important to get some information out to people so you don’t make the mistake of buying a body shaper and thinking it will perform miracles!

Ready for my simple tips on why you should avoid shapewear?

1 – You’ve Not Really Thought Too Deeply About Why You Want One.

A main mistake people make before buying any kind of garment, including shapewear, is the fact that they just don’t know which one to buy and mainly WHY?  It’s a huge mistake to think that you can just buy any old shapewear and it will fix all your problems – it won’t.  First – find out what you really want to achieve by wearing shapewear and then go ahead and try them out!  If this is the case then avoid shapewear until you really know what you want one for.

2 – You Want To Get That Slim Look All Day Every Day

Sorry girls and boys but if this is the sole purpose of you wanting shapewear then I would avoid buying them as you are only going to be disappointed.  Look, I am not saying that they can give this impact and some people no doubt love wearing them all the time but I am an advocate of loving your body, no matter what size, and shapewear in my honest opinion is a temporary solution and not a permanent one.  They can be uncomfortable when worn for prolonged periods and sometimes not good for you health, such as with corsets.

3 – They Look Really Great On Other People So They Will Work For You!

Come on now – do we really need to explain this one in more detail? What you are wanting to achieve with any body shaper, such as a corset or a cincher and body suit, is something that may look good on another person.  You may have seen a celebrity walking down the red carpet and thought “Hey!  If that looks good on them then it will on me!” – NO.  As already mentioned, body shapers will not work for everyone so please don’t just buy one thinking it is going to make everything alright – if you do then you may be disappointed.  Go and buy one with open eyes.

4 – They Can Hide Body ‘Things’ That May Need Attention.

So this is a weird one as we would never ever preach but sometimes we need more than a body shaper or shapewear to hide our delicate frames (I say delicate with some irony of course).  Now as I have said throughout this website and my blog, I ain’t no expert on diets and the like so go see your doc about healthy eating and all that but please don’t use a body shaper to avoid being a little bit healthier.  What’s the point in looking great when you feel like hell underneath.  Work together with your garments to be a lovelier you but a healthier one too.

5 – Getting The Wrong Shapewear Can Be Bad For Your Health

Again – not an expert here but wearing the wrong body shaper can certainly do you some harm under some circumstances.  Things like body suits and vests will be fine no doubt but if you venture into some more extreme shapewear such as corset wearing then please do so with a little bit of guidance!

6 –  The One You Want Is Cheap

Okay – so this was not what I was going to originally write for number 6 but then I thought I would as I know many people have fallen into the hole of buying cheap and looking bad – never to buy shapewear again.  If this is your aim then you need to avoid buying them before you have done your research.  If you buy cheap you get cheap.  No matter where you are in the world this is generally the same buying mantra.  I am not saying you need to spend a fortune but just that you need to really think about what you want first to avoid being disappointed when you buy, especially your first shapewear.

7 – You Can’t Think Of A Better Way

Never think that buying shapewear is the answer.  There are lots of ways in which you can get the figure you want and it’s not always the cse that body shaper garments will solve you problems.  Again, you will buy, be disappointed and never go back there so best avoid them in the first place if you ask me.  Think about what you want to achieve and whether or not you can do that with normal clothing.  For instance, are you wearing horizontal stripes that make you look bigger?  Give vertical stripes a try!  I am sure there are many other blogs out there that can help with fashion advice!

8 –  Avoid Looking Silly

A short one this.  If you get the wrong type of shapewear, the wrong size, then you could end up looking like an idiot.  Avoid buying any kind of shapewear until you know exactly what it is you want.  Go and get some advice from an expert in a shop first!

9 – You’re Doing It For Someone Else

Say what? Get real!  If you are getting into shapewear because some other person has said you need to then you are doing this for the wrong reason!  1- no one should be telling you what to wear 2 – If you are forced to do something you don’t really want to do then you are going to hate doing that in the future too.  Choose to do it yourself or avoid.  Learn to love yourself first.

10 – You Aren’t Fully Committed

Yes – we’ve all been there when we have bought a piece of clothing and thought “I can’t be bothered now” – what’s the point?  If you are going to really give your body shaper a try then do it fully – try ones that work and get rid of the ones that don’t.  It’s about finding out what suits you as an individual.  If you’re not going to commit then I would avoid shapewear at all costs as it will just become another item stuck in the drawers of doom.

So there you have it.  You can see some great reasons why you may want to avoid shapewear but this post is not to put you off of course!  It’s to make you think before jumping in, make sure you know what you are wanting to achieve and then go for it!  Just think a little bit before you jump!  If you have found this useful or want to add you own comments then please do so below!  I always love to hear what you peeps have to say so get talking!

Shapwear Toni

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