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Hi!  I’m presuming, like me, you’ve decided to take the plunge and try a body shaper right?  Congratulations (and I really do mean that)!!!  I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever taken – I mean it!  Firstly, you know what a body shaper is?  Maybe, again like me, you want a definition!  Okay:

“A body shaper is a tight-fitting undergarment designed to give a slimmer, smoother silhouette to the body.”

Simple!  And trust me……..they work!  So why did I decide to wear one?  I was sick of dieting just to lose a few extra pounds……I’m happy with my current weight so why should I lose those pounds?  I just wanted to feel good in certain clothes…not all the time, just some time.  That’s why I thought I’d give body shapers a try and then share my experiences here!

I’ve been asked quite a lot what the benefits of body shapers are, what the best shapers are on the market and lots of other questions that I thought it just made sense to put it all down in a buyer’s guide right here.  I hope this guide helps you to choose the perfect shaper and I hope that you get the confidence and the body shape you are looking for!  Feel free to contact me for any hints and tips if you can’t find it on my site as this site is new and still evolving!

Spoiler Alert!  If you just want to get straight to the one I thought was best just scroll down! But I do recommend reading this article first of course!  I put some links to some products that I get a little commission out of if you buy them……it helps me to keep my site going but all reviews are honest – even if I don’t like them!

Let’s get one thing straight…… need to love your body whatever weight you are!  This article is neither to stay “hey get in shape!” or “hey stay that size!” – I ain’t no weight expert and no should you be.  Be you and be a happier you if you want to be!

Body shapers are not for overweight people, like myself, they are for EVERYONE!  Even for you men!  You need to think about the area that you want reducing or moulding into shape.  Is it the stomach?  The Hips?  The bum (fanny for you USA folk!)?  Reducing the size of your lumps and bumps can be achieved with some shapers but not all.  Some shapers are all about moulding, such as making your waist look trim.  Some are more about the upper body, such as flattening the chest area – especially for men folk – or bringing in that stomach.  So before you go spending big try to make sure you know the area of your body that you want to mould or reduce and for Gods sake make sure you get the right size!!!  A BIG mistake I did was to buy a Columbia body shaper and I swear It took my an hour to get in it and even longer to get out!  Waist (pun intended) of money!

So here are some great examples of the different types of body shapers available on the market.  I am also going to be putting some reviews up on my site for each type as well as some feedback from my readers (once you send some feedback in) on how they have helped or hindered… would be great to share the love and help other folk out there so feel free to leave comments below this article!


Cami Body Shapewear

So you don’t want or need to control you bottom half?  This is one of the first body shapers I tried as I just wanted to feel comfortable on the top half of my body.  Cami tops are great for this purpose and good for the breast area  of course!  They can, when you get the right size, give you a lovely outline and feel really nice to wear too.  Be warned – there are some terrible ones out there but one of the best reviewed one is this – Franato Women’s Shapewear Cami Firm Control Tank Tops

Control Tights

So we’ve done the top half of your body but what about the bottom half I hear you scream (or whisper!).  Well, that’s what control tights are especially good at!  When you are looking at something that will bring in you bum and tum at the same time then control tights are a go…..oh wait….you want your thighs to look good too???  Well you’re a winner as control tights can do that too!  Again, there are some real turnips out there that I wore, tore and threw in the bin so I have done my research again and found these to have the best reviews – MANZI Women’s 2-6 Control Tights – Don’t forget, as with normal tights you want to be thinking about colour/dernier and the outfit you’re gonna be wearing with them.

Control Tights Shapewear
Shapewear Corsets


Ah, we’ve gone all 18th century I hear you whimper!  Wrong!  Corsets can be amazing……not just for body contouring but for adding that little extra spice to you rice if you get my meaning!  There are some pretty hip celebs out there that love a corset…..including our Kim K……and corsets can be worn on top of your underwear.  When worn right you can get a really good fit and they can add some brilliant shapes to your waist and hips……just make sure you’re comfortable!  Now this one I have yet to try and review as it’s been a while since I wore a corset but I will get round to reviewing asap and feedback in my blog……………but this is the one I am gonna try first as it, again, has some great reviews – FeelinGirl Women’s Latex 9 Steel Boned Breathable Waist Cincher Corset

Body Shapers (Bodyshapers)

So here is my fave of all time – the classic bodyshaper.  It’s comfortable, easy to wear and suits my needs for the areas that I want to shape! I love it!  Sometimes (and probably most of the times) I just want to shape my stomach/torso and breasts and this just does that.  There are tons of styles out there and you don’t have to go all Bridget Jones!  There are lacey ones, plain ones and more but this is my favourite body shaper and I just think it’s an amazing price for what it does – KSKshape Seamless Body Shaper Open Bust Shapewear Firm Control Bodysuit for Women

Body Shaper Shapewear
Tummy Stomach Control Shapewear

Singlets & Vests

Now…..I’ll admit it right here that I’m not a big fan of singlets but friends swear by them so it’s like I said earlier, you need to choose something that suits you…..not others! Also…there isn’tmuch different between the body shapers in general and singlets – just a matter of choice really. You can wear your own bra with singlets which you can then use to shape your boobs with but that’s why I like the bod shapers best.  There are a mountain of singlets to choose from so I will have to do a separate review page for them if that’s what you peeps want?  In the mean time, here is the best reviewed one I could find – Everbellus Tummy Control Shapewear Seamless Body Shaper Tanks Vest Tops

Control Pants

Okay so now we have gone a bit Bridget Jones!  Seriously though, control pants can be sexy too.  I don’t think there is much to add here really as they kinda speak for themselves don’t they?  Get the wrong fit and you’ll be scratching away like a cat with fleas but get the right control pants and you’re gonna get that bum you always wanted! Some can also work on the tummy area too so you get an extra benefit!  My fave – Wirarpa 4 Pack Ladies Underwear Cotton Full Briefs High Waist Knickers Underwear Panties for Women

Control Pants Shapewear
Half Slips Shapewear

Half Slips

So I think these are more for those times when you have on that slinky dress or mini skirt.  Wearing the wrong knickers is gonna give you that visible panty liner and you don’t want that……do you?  No!  So half slips can solve that for you!  They give a little bit of shape to the stomach region but I think they’re more just for when wearing those particular items of clothing but they do give some body shape so they get a mention!  Sue & Joe Women’s Half Slip Elasticated Lace Waist Short Length Mini Silk Underskirt

Arm Shapers

Now this is something I am not sure about at all as I always feel a little weird wearing the arm shapers.  I have only worn them once so should I give them another try?  The benefits?  Well, they can be wor with other bras and the like, underneath long sleeve tops and can give your arms some shape/definition.  Try them out and let me know how they help you and change my mind! Joyshaper Upper Arm Compression Sleeves

Arm SHaper Shapeware

So my winner is???  It has to be the general bodyshapers!  There is just something about them that I find encapsulates all the above and more.  They suit my body size, are comfortable to wear and affordable.  They may me feel comfortable and confident which is a massive thing to me and they certainly give me some definition when I want it!  I hope that this article really helps to convince you to give one of these a try.  I will be adding some more reviews of particular products and adding some of your hints and tips too so get writing in the comments section as I really do want you to be part of this!!!  Oh and men…………..I’ll be putting a section just for you too!

Shapwear Toni