Mens Body Shaper Buying Guide

Why a mens body shaper buying guide 2020?

It’s not just women that feel the pressure to look good these days. When celebs like Matthew McConaughey show off their ripped abs and tight pecs, men all over the world start running to the gym. However, obsessive dieting and exercising aren’t the only ways to achieve that physique that looks great under tight shirts. Men today have the option of purchasing shapewear, a type of underwear designed for men that smooths and flattens their beer bellies and man boobs. Shapewear for men is becoming increasingly popular among guys of all ages. Those who want to look good and make those bulges disappear with special underwear now have an option that doesn’t involve going through their girlfriend’s closet.

This guide aims to initiate newbies (or perhaps the curious) into the world of shapewear for men. There are many different types of shapewear for men, each with a different purpose. Most men probably don’t know the first thing about buying shapewear, so a few tips on buying these garments will be discussed. Men’s shapewear is available in department stores, speciality underwear stores, or from direct mail catalogues. However, those who want to be able to shop freely and browse through all the types of men’s shapewear without leaving the house (or wearing a disguise) can shop safely on sites like eBay.

Types of Shapewear for Men – Mens Body Shaper guide 2020 Ideas

Shapewear for men has certainly changed in the last few centuries. In fact, what used to be limited to a few small producers now has turned into an entire industry. The popularity of compression shirts, for example, was evident in 2009 when market research showed that sales for this garment went up 11 percent, despite the garment industry being in the red that year. Today, manufacturers are making a wide variety of shapewear for men, and the most popular of these are the mirdle, mantyhose, male bra, and support briefs and boxers.

The Mirdle Body Shaper

The mirdle is basically the everyday girdle made for men. Men who start developing a spare tire or muffin top may want to look into getting this garment the next time they have trouble buttoning their pants or want to look good in that tight shirt. There are various iterations of the mirdle. Some are simply shaped like a tube and worn around the torso. There are also some models that feature a full suit, like a wrestler’s outfit. Many mirdles are marketed for their health benefits, such as correcting bad posture, but most men wear them to create a flat tummy. An alternative, less-constrictive version of the mirdle is the compression shirt, which is used by many athletes, but also provides a slimming effect around the abdomen.

The Mantyhose Shapewear

In recent years, men’s fashion has moved from loose fitting comfortable garments into a more sleek and stylish look. Pants especially are being tailored to show off long, slim lines and men are now finding themselves shopping for the mantyhose. Mantyhose (men’s pantyhose) is the latest trend to hit the market. These are basically tights for men, made with the same sheer fabric used in women’s pantyhose. While “brosiery” with some tummy control is available, these can also serve practical purposes. In the winter, they can keep men warm (presumably under their tight-fitting pants) and provide compression for men who may have circulatory problems.

The Male Bra

Compression vest, gynecomastia vest, manssiere, or Bro (for Seinfeld fans), whatever men may call it; it’s basically a bra for men. Some men may grow breasts during puberty, a condition known as gynecomastia. Those that don’t want to go under the knife may choose instead to wear a male bra, which, unlike its female counterpart, flattens the breasts rather than lift them. Other men, especially those who are obese, may have large breasts, and thus need to wear a bra. Some athletes wear sports bras to stop the painful nipple chafing when this sensitive area continuously rubs against wet shirts while doing some sort of activity.

Support Briefs and Boxers

Perhaps the “manliest” of the bunch, support briefs and boxers have been around for some time, except they were mostly used for athletics. However, today there are many types of support briefs and boxers for men that can help lift and shape those flabby bottoms, and perhaps help enhance other assets. For example, some support boxers may feature a tummy control panel to hold in a developing beer belly. Some briefs may feature additional padding (both front and back) to add shape and support.

Tips for Buying Shapewear for Men

Most men have little experience buying shapewear. For many girls, shopping for their first bra is almost a rite of passage, but most men don’t know the first thing about buying mirdles or other support underwear.

The first consideration when purchasing any shapewear is the purpose. Those looking for support while jogging or playing some sport should probably look at athletic girdles and compression shirts. These are made to withstand sweat and vigorous activity, while most shapewear for men is for everyday regular use.

Next is the actual type of support. Those that have large midsections should go for the male girdle, as this will provide the most support and take as much as 1.5 inches off the waist. Those who just want to smoothen out lines and bulges along the torso should consider compression shirts or the male bra. For problems below the waist, support briefs or mantyhose should do the trick.

Perhaps the most common question men have is which size they should buy. It really depends on the manufacturer, as these vary depending on design, material, and a variety of other factors. A size chart usually looks something like this:




Extra Large


(in inches)

34 to 36

38 to 40

42 to 44

46 to 48


(in inches)

30 to 32

34 to 36

38 to 40

42 to 44

Again, this is just a sample, but should give men and idea of what they should measure before purchasing any type of shapewear. Most manufacturers will state sizing to true fit, meaning these are meant to be worn underneath the clothes and will cling to the body. Taking measurements is quite easy. Use a measuring tape and take measurements while unclothed to ensure accuracy. The measuring tape should remain parallel to the floor. Measure around the largest part of the chest. For the waist, measure across the belly button.

Comfort is key when buying any type of shapewear, especially for men that plan to wear it for eight hours or more (such as going to the office). Choose comfortable materials like cotton, which breathes well, or powermesh microfiber, which is made for warmer seasons. When purchasing a male girdle, look for those with a lot of support. While Velcro is easy to remove, it may not provide the same support as girdles that use traditional hook and eye closures.

Buying Shapewear for Men on Amazon

Men who are interested in buying shapewear may prefer to do it discreetly, which is why the Internet, and Amazon in particular, is a good place to purchase such intimate items. With Amazon, you don’t have to drive to another city to avoid embarrassment. Thousands of sellers list their items every day and you’ll surely find the shapewear you want and need

Finding Shapewear for Men on Amazon

Searching for shapewear on Amazon can be simple. Just use the search box on the front page and you’ll find various listings for products related to your search. Use general terms like “men’s shapewear,” or choose a more specific term, such as “extra large men’s girdle.” If there are too many results, you may want to try being more specific, or narrowing down the results according to category, price, or location.

Paying for Your Purchase on Amazon

eBay offers many types of payment methods that are convenient for buyers. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted, as are several electronic payment methods. PayPal is one of the more popular forms of payment on the website. It’s easy and discreet, and you won’t need to expose your credit card number or financial information to sellers.


Women aren’t the only ones concerned with looking great. Men from all walks of life are finding that they can lose inches from their bellies, firm up their pecs, and maybe add some lift and padding in other areas using shapewear. Shapewear for men is a big industry, and it seems that the male population can’t get enough of these amazing undergarments. There are many types of shapewear for men, and the most popular ones are the male girdle, men’s pantyhose, male bra, and support briefs and boxers. Men who have never bought any type of shapewear should ensure that they choose the right type of shapewear for their needs, the correct size, and a comfortable fit and materials. Those looking to purchase these and other types of male underwear should log on to eBay to find a large selection of men’s shapewear.

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