About the Author Kitty and GreatPiercingShop!

About GreatPiercingShop.com

The idea of “GreatPiercingShop” cane to mind when talking to friends about the best corset piercing they have ever known.  I realised that there we a lot of people asking about “the best piercing for…..” and if you are trying to figure out what piercing products are for you the I believe you will find this blog and website useful (I hope!).

Many people just go by body and corset piercings after being recommended by friends or family (sometimes!) or by looking on the internet.  Not many people bother to look at genuine reviews online after a person, me, has read hundreds of different reviews and bring them all to one place – here!

Anyway, the discussion about corset piercing ended in looking online at many reviews but actually not many gave us the answers we were looking for, not on body piercings nor corset piercings – so we thought about doing it ourselves!  That’s why reviewing body piericings and corset piercing online gave me the ide for this blog and website!


The idea for GreatPiercingShop.com is to give honest information about different piercings and products out there in the form of top 10 lists as well as blogger chats, reader information an more.

I want this site and blog to be a great destination for people wanting to make their mind up about picking the right piercings and the best products that meet their needs.  It may be just something you are interested in doing, such as looking at corset piercing ideas, different body piercings, piercing products and more but you will find my unbiased reviews here!