Ear piercing

A Short History of Ear Piercing

Before modern people learned to use ear pierces for fashion purposes, primitive people have been using it for cultural and ritual purposes. From then on, different types of ear piercings have evolved with different purposes that are not limited to ritual and culturally anchored purposes.

From a simple ritual symbol, pierces have become an important icon for arts and fashion. Today, people use and wear different pierces for different reasons. Some use it to express their individuality while some to show to the how their creativity. But regardless of peoples’ reasons, no one can deny that piercing has become an important part of human life more than an ordinary fashion accessory.

Today, different cultures and some indigenous groups across the world consider piercing as a sacred art for their culture. While some may consider it as an important life event that every member of their group has to go through that without it, a person won’t be complete.

Regardless of the varying views of different cultures and different groups of people toward piercing, it is undeniably has become an important part of all cultures across the world. In fact, even in modern society, piercing is considered as an art. Thus, it’s not just a mere act of puncturing any part of the body where a metal material can penetrate, it involves systematic process and consideration of artistic attributes.

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The Different Types of Ear Piercing

Since piercing is an art, there are different ways of expressing and doing this art form. Being an art, the exact number of types of body piercing may vary as what is listed in this article. When choosing what type of piercing that’s right for you, you have to consider the risk involved in the process and if you can endure the pain involved.


This type of piercing derived its name from the opening part if the ear called Tragus. It is the edgy part forming of cartilage. This type of piercing involves a tiny piercing needle with the piercing usually worn either by ring-type or bead-ring earpiece. Some people can find this a little difficult when wearing headphones.


When it comes of creativity and boldness, the helix-styled piercing is one of those designs that top the list. This style involves piercing on the upper ear going towards the rim where multiple earrings are placed. Piercing guns are often used in doing this kind of piercing since it needs fast and swift puncturing. One got to be very bold and brave enough to endure the multiple punctures in just a few minutes.

Earlobe gauging

In terms of weirdness and trendiness, the earlobe, which is often called as the lobe stretching piercing tops the list. The concept behind this type of piercing is very simple, it only needs a reinforcement to stretch the hole in the process. One can’t get this type of piercing overnight. So if you want to have this piercing, you got to have a long patient and you must be willing to wait for at least months in order to have a wider and well stretched ear hole enough to accommodate anything from pencil-sized pierce to u to an inch in diameter of pierce.

Whatever your purpose in getting a pierce, or whatever type of piercing you want to have, you have to ensure that everything that you use is properly sanitized and cleaned. Since piercing involves tearing a portion of your ear and you’re going to insert a foreign material in it, there’s a greater chance of infection if you don’t do it properly and hygienically. But if you will just follow the safety precautionary measures that goes with piercing, you will be safe.

There’s more too!  Check out our video below for a very simple guide to positions or take a look at our chart here.

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