Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are nothing new.  They have been around since the dawn of time (I’m taking a little bit of artist license there as I am rubbish at history!) and they have been loved by millions all over the world.

We love ear piercings for many reasons.  For instance, there are no end of styles, big to small, or gems, diamonds to good old topaz, that you can have – the choices are endless!

The one thing, amongst many, that we truly love about ear piercings is the fact that it does not hurt (to a degree) to have them done and that the chances of major scarring are minimal although there are risks as with any piercings! Ear piercings are a great way to introduce yourself to piercings in general and are not as much as a jump as, say, corset piercing!  We alwasy advocate getting your ears pierced with a professional, of course, although we are aware than lots of people do it themselves which we think poses a great risk of infection and more.  This brings us on to another point about ear piercings – they are cheap! It does not cost much at all to get your ears pierced so why would you take the chance and get them done by you friend or down some cheap alley (artist license again!).

So yeah, we are a fan of ear piercings as you can imagine and we love to see the different styles and types of piercings that you folk get.  So why not share your experinces in the comments section below and let us know when you got yours, why and if you still have them today?  Did getting your ears pierced lead on to another piercings?  Let us know!

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