The Humble Nose Piercing

The nose is the ideal place for eye-catching body jewellery! Popular piercings include the piercings in the nostril, bridge or Septum. Usually worn are discreet nose studs with small stones or a colourful nose ring.

Jewellery Types

If you opt for a nose ring, you generally have the choice between a horseshoe, a piercing ring with a clamping ball or an open nose ring.  Popular nose rings are usually made of surgical steel and in the colour silver or black.  According to your own wishes, you can change your jewellery daily – provided you have enough replacement rings in stock.  Also nose studs offer you a wide selection of shapes and styles such as stars, stones, animal motifs, pearls, symbols and much more.  Nasal piercing jewellery often consists of materials such as gold, silver, titanium or surgical steel.

A Traditional Cultural Piercing

Nose piercings were used more than 4,000 years ago in the Middle East.   From there, the trend reached India and is still traditionally worn by Indian women today.  The most common type of nose piercing position is through the left nostril, because there is, according to Ayurveda – the Indian healing art – a point that is supposed to have a positive influence on pregnancy and childbirth.

Healing of Nose Piercings

Depending on the position and subsequent care of the piercing, it should heal fully within eight weeks.  With very good aftercare, four weeks is possible.  In poor environments or with insufficient care and hygiene, healing may take several months. You should not swim or bathe, refrain from sauna visits and cleanse the wound daily or as instructed by your professional piercer.  Special solutions are available in pharmacies or in a piercing shop.