Nose Piercings Still Trendy in 2019? Of Course!

Nose piercings will, we think, be around for eternity.  In 2019 they are still as trendy as every and just as popular with all age groups.  They can be simple and stylish or complicated and way out there – to meet all fashions and trends alike.

The nose piercing is one of the absolute classics of body jewellery. No wonder – nose piercings, in the most varied variations, look impressive in many ways as you can see from our images.  A subtle nose ring or hoop or stud looks elegant, while a septum piercing looks wild and playful.  However, a good-looking nose piercing should always be pierced by a professional.   Otherwise, the risk of visual blemishes and inflammation is just too great.  But finding the right piercer is only half the battle as you must also pay attention to a few things such as the care of your body jewellery.

How is the nose piercing pierced?

In a piercing studio, clear standards should always be present, according to which the nose piercing is being carried out.  First, the piercer will create a sterile environment, because your health comes first.  Sterile gloves and disinfectant spray should therefore not be missing in any studio.

The spray removes impurities from the area to be pierced.  Subsequently, the place to be pierced is marked.  The nostrel is usually pressed with a protective tube from the inside against the spot.  This is to protect the nasal septum from injury.

With septum or bridge piercing, the procedure is a bit more complicated.  Because in this case cartilage tissue (septum) or the bridge of the nose is pierced.

Unfortunately, the piercing stage is followed by a period of care that should be conscientiously followed of course – according to your piercers instructions

Some sample instructions could be (always follow your own!).

Clean your nose piercing twice a day with a special disinfectant.  Encrustations on the wound are quite normal, but should be removed regularly.  But you must not jerk – rather, the encrustation must first be soaked and then best solved with a cotton swab and wound disinfectant spray.

Move the jewellery carefully in the nose regularly, so that the plug does not grow. In doing so, however, proceed moderately; constant touching of the piercing is not recommended and can transport dirt into the wound.  Also visiting swimming pools or the saunas can lead to an inflammation in the early stages especially – you should avoid them during the healing phase.  Likewise with make-up, because this also makes it possible to get bacteria into the wound.
If it still starts an inflammation, contact your piercer or doctor.

An overview of what to look for when nose piercing:

• Find a specialized piercing studio
• Disinfect your nose piercing regularly
• Regularly remove wound fluid
• Prevent infections
• In case of inflammation contact your piercer or go to the doctor
• Avoid constantly touching the nose piercing

In addition, the same conditions apply to nose piercing after treatment as to general piercing after treatment:
• Pay attention to a balanced diet
• Avoid alcohol, nicotine and other drugs
• Cool the spot in case of swelling
• Protect the nose piercing from bumps and impacts
• Pay attention to cleanliness

How long does the healing phase last for nose piercing?

A nose piercing, like all other piercing species, needs time to heal. A uniform healing phase can not be precisely defined. Because it always depends on the individual situation. Which part of the body was pierced? Do inflammations occur? How does the body deal with the stress situation? But it can be said from experience: The classic nose piercing heals within one to two weeks. But do not panic if it takes you longer. The mentioned period should only be a guideline for you.

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