Tongue Piercings – Some Tips!

Tongue Piercings continue today to popular. However, you must be careful and avoid taking unnecessary risks if you too are seduced by this idea. Indeed, a piercing on the tongue should not be done by anyone, or any time.
Many people are seduced by the glamorous side of a tongue piercing. The latter contributes to highlight a certain style. Piercing on the tongue is not, however, a small gesture. You should not take any risks when you opt for this type of piercing. However, following the tips below could help you avoid the risk of infections.


Choose a good piercer for a successful piercing

Always make sure your piercer uses hygienic material. Moreover, they should only use new tools and that are still wrapped in plastic for each new customer. This recommendation applies to any type of piercing. The use of a needle is thus strongly recommended instead of a gun. It may be much simpler and faster to use, for an optimal result. Your piercer must also use new surgical gloves to do their job.

Tongue piercings? Sure! But not during hot days!

When you have your tongue pierced, the tongue will begin to swell for several days. In addition, the tongue also tends to swell slightly on days when it is very hot. In order not to end up with a really swollen tongue, avoid getting your piercing during a hot day. Not only will the healing process be longer, but you may also experience some complications, which can be dangerous in some cases. Of course, if you live in a country where the sun and heat are their all year, you can do your piercing any day, because your tongue will already be used to the heat.

How do tongue piercings get pierced?

During the piercing, you will have to sit still and be relaxed. Your piercer will suggest a mouthwash to begin with. You will then pull out the tongue and let it rest. Using a pen, the professional will score two points on your tongue. They will then place a clamp to keep your tongue out and to facilitate the installation of the piercing. The piercer will perform the piercing with a needle for this purpose, then gently place the first placement, which usually has a flexible plastic rod and two balls of surgical steel, into the tongue. The placement of the piercing will take only a few minutes. You will end with a final mouthwash. At the end of the piercing, it is normal that the tongue bleeds slightly. For several days, it will also begin to swell.

How to take care of tongue piercings?

The first days after your piercing, you will certainly have trouble speaking (not a bad thing for some!!). Always choose cold drinks and avoid drinking alcohol or using spices at all costs, which will only aggravate the swelling of your tongue. The ideal situation is to opt for a liquid diet until the latter has healed well so as not to irritate it with pieces of food. To promote the healing of your tongue, you will need to:

  • Use a mouthwash after every meal or snack
  • Possibly take tablets to reduce swelling and soothe pain
  • Maintain good oral hygiene. Avoid oral exchanges during the first week after piercing.

Complete healing of the piercing can take up to 6 weeks. But, in general, you can ask a jewel of your choice after about 3 weeks, if you follow the advice above, as well as those provided by your piercer.


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