Corset Piercing – Still An ‘En-Vogue’ Piercing in 2019?

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Corset Piercing in 2019

The corset piercing is a very special piercing and still very much a fashion piercing in 2019.  It consists of a series of surface piercings, in the back or on the side of the torso (and other places!), which simulate a corset directly on the skin. Corset style rings are usually placed as jewellery and a ribbon, lace or other rope of one’s choice is placed there.  It is in contemporary Western culture that the piercing corset has its origins.  Today, from a piercing fashion point of view, it was born in the 1990s and is very much used in photography on women (erotic connotations compared to real corsets).  See this page for more on the history of corset piercings.

Photography is often the source of information, especially through social media today, that spreads the corset piercing idea but it also conveys false ideas, suggesting that it is possible to wear rings of the type BCR (Ball Closure Ring) laced with a ribbon all the time, which is wrong.  This is only possible for a few hours if you want to avoid rejections (even if all the corset surface piercings are healed).

The piercing corset is often temporary, it is almost impossible that any of the surface piercings that compose it is rejected.  What motivates this kind of ‘performance’ can be the aesthetics for photography or the pain and pleasure it causes in BDSM games (which can be likened to female genital piercing). Ouch!  There are still some people who try to make a permanent corset piercing, with anti-allergic jewellery and surface barbell types.  In order to make a permanent corset piercing last, extreme vigilance is required and only laces should be worn for a few hours – always seek professional advice!

Corset piercings are in most cases intended as temporary piercing as mentioned above. The corset piercings can be placed on various parts of the body and are characterized by the fact that they are usually placed in several pairs,  after which a decorative ribbon or other binding material is threaded through.  This gives the appearance of a laced corset, from which the piercings derive their name. A common place for corset piercings is the back, but the placement possibilities are numerous and depend on the wishes of the pierce.

Healing time of the corset piercing: It is almost impossible for a corset piercing to heal completely. The large number of surface piercings that the corset piercing requires causes a lot of stress on the body and are as many surface piercings to heal.

Types of jewellery for piercing corset: Ring for temporary and pass laces or barbell surface to optimize healing if the goal is for a ‘permanent’ piercing.  Corset piercings are usually set with ball closure rings of 1.6 mm, although the final thickness and choice of jewellery can of course be different. In some cases, a short piercing session will opt for extra thin (play piercing) needles that can be easily removed after the session.

Special risks of the corset piercing: Very high rejection rate and almost impossible healing.  The piercing corset leaves no visible healing if it is temporary.

So as you can see, the corset piercing has been around for many years and will continue to be around although not the most popular of piercings of course.  Still highly relevant in 2019, the corset piercing trend will continue to go up and down as do all piercings.

Some Corset Piercings Examples HERE

Corset Piercings – Q&A

If you are getting any type of piercing then please always get professional advice from your local piercing specialist!

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