Corset Piercings Questions & Answers

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Corset Piercings Questions and Answers

Corset piercing & body modifications are on the extreme side of piercings and not for everyone!. The world of piercings is big and vast.  In almost no other area of ​​body modification are there are so many different variations.  A relatively new fashion and certainly an extremely effective body modification and piercing variant is the corset piercing.

Why Are Corset Piercings Called “Corset” Piercings?

Well, we think that this one is a bit obvious but hey…who are we to judge?!  The corset piercing got its name from its similarity to the garment of the same name, the corset.  A corset is a  relatively stiff garment, which has its origins in the 16th century.  At that time it was known under the name “stiff bodice”.  The word corset as we know it today has only been known since about 1850.  With a corset or stiff bodice, women of the time formed their bodies according to fashion.  Sometimes the waist circumference was small, sometimes the chest or stomach was flattened.  All this with the help of a tight lacing of the corset on the back or, more rarely, on the front.

Now you can vaguely guess in which area of ​​the body the corset piercing is pierced.  It is pierced where the corset is usually laced as a garment: on the back.  However, as with almost all piercings, there are also various modifications to corset piercing.  It is occasionally also engraved in the chest area or on the sides of the body and on the back of the thighs and neck.

How Are Corset Piercings Pierced?

A corset piercing is a two-row, symmetrical vertical arrangement of several surface piercings.  The number of individual piercings that make up the corset piercing is completely up to you.  There is no fixed standard here.  So you can leave 6, 8, 10 up to 22 piercings or more for your corset piercing.  Whether you let have all the piercings in one sitting or the individual piercings gradually, is entirely up to you and your idea or threshold of pain.  The individual piercings are set like a normal surface piercing.  The piercer will inspect the spot thoroughly, disinfect and mark the individual piercing points.  This ensures that the piercings are exactly parallel to each other and later can be laced up straight.  After that, he/she will pierce the holes.  Whether he/she uses a piercing clamp or not depends on the experience of the piercer and the exact location of the piercing.  In some videos, which you will find on YouTube and the like, you will get to see both variants.  If you have decided to have all individual piercings pierced in one session, there are also differences in the process.

Some piercers pierce a piercing, put the piercing jewellery in and then do the next.  Other piercers pierce all piercings first, leaving the needles in the branch canal and then insert all the piercing jewellery in a single pass.  A good piercer will explain to you the exact procedure before you start and answer all your questions patiently.  He/she will also explain the aftercare of the piercing and give you important hints and tips.  As with all piercings, the corset piercing also applies: Look closely at the piercing studio in advance, paying particular attention to the hygiene in the studio and word of mouth.  If you have a bad feeling with studio or piercer, keep looking.  If you feel confident in the piercing studio and if you like the piercer, the entire process is a lot more pleasant than if you already feel uncomfortable in advance.

What Jewellery Should I Choose For Corset Piercings?

As for the jewellery, Corset Piercing Ball Closure Rings (BCR) are common.  Also, a D-ring is sometimes used alongside a typical thread for corset tapes and lace.   Also surface bars can be used although these are less suitable for lacing, they can facilitate the healing of the piercing

How Do Corset Piercings Heal?

Corset piercings are a surface piercing whose healing can sometimes be a bit more complicated.  The reason for this is the surface tension of the skin as well as the pierced area of ​​the body, which – depending on where exactly it is – can be more or less stressed.  In addition to the diameter of the Ball Closure Ring (BCR) or the length of the Surface Bars, the thickness of the jewellery also influences healing. The best thing you can do is to discuss the choice of your first piercing jewellery in detail from your piercer.  Some corset piercings never completely heal, others do.  No one can tell you in advance how it will be with you as everyone heals differently.  In general, however, you have to expect a healing period of at least 2 months.  However, you should also keep in mind that a corset piercing in the laced state is always exposed to a load.  Because even if you do not tie it tight, a decorative band connects the individual piercings and exercises depending on the movement different train on the individual BCR rings.  The result may be outgrowth or, in the worst case, too strong a move and injury.

How Much Do Corset Piercings Cost?

As far as the price for the corset piercing is concerned, the costs vary from piercing studio to piercing studio and often also from region to region or country to courty. So it’s hard to name a fixed price here.  Some piercers give a volume discount on multiple piercings, others do not.  So the price for a corset piercing is in the range of 120 euros/dollars up to 400 euros/dollars.

What Do Corset Piercings Look Like – Any Pictures?

There are numerous pictures of corset piercings on the World Wide Web. And also videos about the piercing of a corset piercing are available.  You can see some pictures here – Corset Piercing Pictures

Anything Else I Should Know Before Getting A Corset Piercing?

The corset was once an uncomfortable, stiff garment, which has disappeared from everyday use since about 1920, it has been resurrected as a piercing since the 1990s.  In contrast to the garment, the corset piercing is neither stiff nor uncomfortable, but rather an unusual ornament of the body, which can be very different in style from person to person.  Also very important and again stressed is a choosing and having a hygienically perfect piercing studio, an experienced piercer and comprehensive aftercare and care of the piercing.  If all this is taken into account and respected, nothing stands in the way of a decorative corset piercing. There is probably no other piercing, to which the opinions differ as they do with corset piercings. Some find such a piercing sexy and highly aesthetic, the others consider it nonsense and useless self-torture. What is your opinion about corset piercing? If you had a corset piercing, which piercing style would you choose? Let me know in the comments section!

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