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Vampire Bites Piercings

The piercing of different skin and body parts is an ancient tradition in the area body modifications. The earliest records date back over 7000 years. Once, piercings were used to differentiate each person from other tribes, but also as a symbol of the attainment of a certain maturity or a social status. In the late 1990s, however, surface piercings like Vampire Bite Piercing became more and more prominent.  Such piercings have become little piercing niches in their own way, such as with corset piercing.

What is meant by a Vampire Bites Piercing?

Vampire Bite Piercings are a surface piercing, which is usually on the side neck. This is also known under the name of a ‘Vampires Kiss’. The name comes from the puncture wounds of the piercing, which are very similar to the wounds of a vampire bite.

How a piercing works is always dependent on where it should be pierced.  A Vampire Bites piercing is always pierced at the side of the neck.   A Vampire Bite piercing is best done with a professional piercer of course.  First of all, the piercer will explain exactly what will happen in the course of the piercing.  Furthermore, the piercer will educate you about possible risks and give you tips on how to care for them so that you do not cause inflammation or infections as much as possible.  Then you sign a form/contract.  With this signature, you confirm your agreement that the piercer may pierce you with the Vampire Bite Piercing.  Piercers are not doctors, so you need to ensure that you are getting advice from someone who knows what they are doing – a proper piercer.

Once these formalities have been completed, the piercer begins to prepare.  The injection site at the lateral neck area is cleaned by means of a disinfectant.  The piercer must not wipe the cloth back and forth, as otherwise it’s possible dirt particles and pathogens are distributed on the skin.  Once the disinfectant has been applied, the piercer begins marking where you want to pierce the Vampire Bites Piercing.  Subsequently, the desired position is fixed with the help of piercing forceps.  With a hollow needle, the piercer finally pierces you with piercing holes in the neck.  The plastic tube remaining in the skin ensures the preservation of the piercing hole.  Your Vampire Bites piercing is replaced with a plastic tube and you have your first piercing.  On this is screwed the ball.  Finally, you will get hints for care and possibly tips on certain care products to use at home.

Possible Risks of Vampire Bites Piercing

It can not be ruled out that your Vampire Bites Piercing may be rejected by your body or even grow out of the connective tissue.  You may also have to expect that this will leave scars.  For surface piercings like the Vampire Bites Piercing this is not uncommon.  Since the neck is always in motion, there could also be problems with healing.  In any case, you certainly have to expect that in a constant head and neck movement will feel a stronger pull and the skin will stretch enormously.  A piercing grows out differently with each person.  However, you can expect that it will not last for many year.  To avoid scarring, make sure the piercer pricks your Vampire Bites piercing as parallel to the carotid artery as possible.

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