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We have been asked on many occasion to add some corset piercing pictures of that are amazingly intricate and some that may have needed quite a lot of aftercare!  Don’t forget that we are not making a judgement on corset piercings here, we are just sharing some pictures we have found on the WWW and placing them here for you to take a look at.  There is something beautiful about corset piercings but we also know that they can be subject to others negative options too – not everyone likes corset piercings right?  As we said, that’s up to you to decide but we think that everyone has the right to express who they are in their own, unique way.  Please do take a look at our main corset piercing information for more on this subject and don’t forget you can share you views too!

Corset Piercings Pictures

DISCLAIMER – All the images on this page & site were found in the public domain and highlighted as free for both commercial and public use.  If you own any of the pictures on this site and wish for us to remove them or add a link back to your own site then we are happy to do this (if link back is required then you must provide a URL where the original image is displayed).  Please do contact us!

Please do not try any of these piercings yourself – we know you’re not that stupid.  Always always seek professional advice.

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