Piercing Care & Aftercare – a very rough guide!

PIercing care aftercare

Piercing care

Disclaimer – Please always follow your professional piercers guide at all times – below is very rough guide but you are responsible for your piercing care as per you professional guidance.

  • Clean fresh piercings 2-3 times daily until they are completely healed. Proceed as follows:
  • Always wash your hands first. Then the wound secretions and other deposits on the jewellery, as well as inlet and outlet openings of the branch canal are soaked with a little warm water and carefully removed.
  • One should definitely avoid changing the position of the jewellery before cleaning so that the deposits on the jewellery could get into the branch canal.
  • This would unnecessarily get dirt and bacteria into the wound. A better remedy for soaking and cleansing is a sea or saline solution that you can make yourself (about 1/4 teaspoon of salt on a glass of water).
  • If everything is well cleaned externally, disinfection can begin.
  • For this, the jewellery, as well as the inlet and outlet of the branch canal are best sprayed with Octenisept® (wound disinfectant spray for supporting wound treatment).
  • Then you move the jewellery back and forth, so that even the branch canal itself is disinfected. Never use alcohol or alcoholic solutions.
  • Alcohol irritates the skin and dries it out. This significantly delays the healing process.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is not suitable despite its bactericidal effect, because in addition to the bacteria, it also destroys the skin. Also any antibiotic ointments etc. are completely unsuitable.
  • The best thing is still water (saline) and a suitable healing wound disinfectant (Octenisept®).
  • Avoid sauna, solarium and swimming pool during the first weeks.
  • By contrast, the bathing and showering at home is no objection, although you should make sure that as possible no shower gel or shampoo gets directly to the fresh Piercing.
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Special features of certain piercing types

Oral piercings in general

In the case of fresh piercings in the mouth and throat (Cheek, Labret, Madonna, Medusa, Scrumper, Tongue and Uvula), rinse several times a day with Listerine (Antiseptic Mouthwash) or Kamillan® Solution for the first 2-3 weeks.
This is especially true after eating, drinking, kissing and smoking (for those who can not resist this time).
The consumption of dairy products containing yoghurt cultures or similar ingredients and “almost foot” should be avoided in the first few weeks.
For lip and cheek piercings , the outer area is subject to the instructions given in the general care instructions (saline, Octenisept®).

Tongue Piercing

Especially the tongue usually swells enormously after piercing. By sucking ice cubes, the swelling can be reduced.

Navel piercing

Adjust your clothes accordingly so that they do not press and rub on the piercing area (no tight belts directly above the piercing point etc.)


Depending on the type of piercing, sexual activity should be avoided for up to 6 weeks.

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