GreatPiercingShop’s Simple Guide to Earpiercing (with nice simple chart!)

Ear piercing chart

An Ear Piercing Guide

An ear piercing is a channel pierced through the auricle to insert or hang jewellery such as earrings. They are usually pierced as a so-called Lobe piercing through the soft earlobe. The safest, if most expensive, method is piercing. Here, the hole is stung with a sterile hollow needle, with the help of which you then thread the jewellery into the hole. Although it is not as bad as unsuspected persons usually suspect, piercing with the needle is a little more painful than the gun or the fully encapsulated lancing systems. For the popular holes in the upper part of the ear (Helix), or in the tragus, as well as in all other places except the earlobe, this method is the first choice.

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